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doriansummit Carpe Diem✌
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Today's an important day to someone really important.
With this little piece would I like to wish her a very happy birthday.

Happy Birthday

19 years ago today a sweet little miracle ball saw the light of day for the very first time.

Well, not really, as her eyes weren't actually open back then, but as of today, they're shining with the indescribable beauty of brown mixed with the color of a brilliantly blazing star -

an infinite dark pool, giving an insight into the unknown mystery of her soul.

The loud sound of innocent crying broke the silence of the loving atmosphere inside the hospital room in which her parents kept thanking God for this beautiful surprise -

the same way as I did 18 years later.

Her tiny heart has grown and developed feelings.

Her tiny brain has grown and got thirsty for knowledge.

Her tiny hands have grown and learned to caress as though playing on a precious instrument.

Her tiny hairs have grown to allow me to stroke it every time before pulling her close to me, her head resting on my chest, leaving a loving kiss on her cheek and saying goodbye,

instructing her to take care of herself.

God, keep her safe...

Her tiny eyelashes have grown to decorate the pair of picture-perfect, midnight-color eyes that held the power of jabbing through my heart like a dagger with just one glance.

And her tiny tongue has also grown just to form words that could shatter a heart,

a soul,

a person, even.

She has grown, ever so beautiful and seemingly innocent -

yet dangerous.

Fire-like, threatening danger.

19 years ago today, someone was born that had one of the biggest impacts on me and even in spite of everything the past holds as memories, I'm wishing her

the kind of happiness I'd already been deprived of.

The kind of future I'm only longing for.

The kind of love I'm only craving to have.

Wish you all the best, my beautiful little angelic devil.

Happy Birthday.

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