CountryLife Pt. 1: The Forest
CountryLife Pt. 1: 
The Forest nature stories

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Hello dear someone who, for some reason, is reading this!
I just thought of writing something different, so I've started this short little series about life in the countryside. I hope y'all like it!

CountryLife Pt. 1: The Forest

A little background story: I lived in a tiny tiny village for the first 12 years of my life and I experienced things at the time which aren't only worth mentioning (in my humble opinion) but also defined my future. All the pictures are taken by myself for I wanted to give you guys the whole vibe as it is :) Hope you enjoy!

The colorful, fallen leaves are nature's sign that autumn is already wandering between the trees.

A narrow and shallow creek meandering through the sunlit, delightful meadow full of golden grains and summer-colored flowers.

The creek leaves the field and gently flows into the lively forest lying right next to it.

Majestic oak trees hiding singing birds within the canopy cover, dignifiedly rising above blooming and charming flowers, sedulous bees atop.

The trees and the plants softly moving to the rhythm of the birds' cheerful songs, waving branches and leaves as I stood there, letting the melody of nature spread through my body.

I glanced back at the gentle creek snaking between the trees, as though chasing something unreachable.

The same way I used to chase my old dreams, now having faded into oblivion.

Flow, dreams and remembrance, flow with the flow,

Don't let the memories be a dam; break through it and leave me forever.

This forest is the only place I won't ever forget, no matter the things it forces me to remember.

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