6 Slides about Caity Dooley
6 Slides about Caity Dooley me stories

doolfandomsHi, I write books on Wattpad.
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This is some information on me.

6 Slides about Caity Dooley

by doolfandoms

I grew up in British Columbia, Canada.

Growing up here was interesting because they film alot of movies and TV shows here.

In my spare time I read and write.

I initially got into writing because I loved reading. I found reading to be an escape from reality and making your own escape seemed even better.

My proudest moment was when

I received 350 on my book on Wattpad. It's down now for editing purposes but it was pretty great..

My dream is to write for a living.

I want this because writing is just something that comes naturally to me and helps me release stress.

Now, I am a high school student.

Jobless and a major procrastinator, the only things going for me is my writing and volunteering.

I'm looking forward to the future.

I'm looking forward to see where life takes me and the journey it sends me on.

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