Legendary Poet or Amateur Poet? - Challenge 1

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Been seeing a bunch of people do stories like this so thought I'd do something too. Can you tell a professional poet from a Commaful poet?

Legendary Poet or Amateur Poet? - Challenge 1

Simple challenge. I'm going to show 2 poems. One is written by an amateur on Commaful and the other is written by a pro.

Your job is to guess which one is the Commaful writer and which one is the legendary poet. Think you can do it?

Poem 1:

Low at my problem bending, Another problem comes—

Larger than mine—Serener— Involving statelier sums.

I check my busy pencil, My figures file away.

Wherefore, my baffled fingers They perplexity?

Poem 2:

Concrete stairs covered in powdery dirt looks as grey as the sky does today.

Seven flights led us out onto the empty roof top. The smell of dying leaves and flowers coursed through the chilled fall air.

Your hair lifted and pushed from side to side when the wind changed it's mind.

Ice cream cones in our hands began to melt causing rivers of vanilla to appear on our knuckles.

Clouds that filled the sky looked as if they were smeared on with a dull brush and thin paint.

Silhouettes of people in windows who think no one sees them, taking phone calls from people who'd rather not be seen.

The sun began to fall, we could tell because the greyish white clouds fell darker, turning to ash.

We were alone there on top of that parking garage, there was no one left but you and me.

That's the end of poem 2! Okay....so which was written by the legendary poet? And which was written by a Commaful writer?

Poem 1: Low At My Problem Bending by Emily Dickinson (legend) Poem 2: Parking Garage by @alecpanos (Commaful writer) Did you get it right?? Comment below!

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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@dominicasheffi2 Allow me please, to give you a tidbit of wisdom I have gained in my 72 years on this particular planet. There ain't no such thing as too much reading, too much fun, too much beer, or too much sex. Moderation in all things is for monks.

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@bernardtwindwil haha i guess that's what you get for reading so much! that and the immense satisfaction!

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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That was not fair. I have been studying Emily Dickinson. She has an incredible amount of drivel. It is a result of her teensy tiny life with almost no experiences to enrich it. I have also read and commented on the work of @alecpanos who I much prefer to Dickinson.