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dollinamusicbox been a while, hasn't it?
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Please read this. It is very important. Spread the word too.

Something To Live For

I have a shoebox. And on it, I wrote, "Open when 20". I fill it with notes and things. The idea is, that I cannot commit suicide, because I have to live until I'm twenty and open the box.

If, by the time I am twenty, I still suffer from depression and am still suicidal, I have given myself permission to off myself immediately​ after I open the box.

I encourage everyone to do this to, because it will give you something to live for. If you are near or older then twenty, change the number.

If you do accept this challenge/prompt thingamajig please comment on this post to let me know, or if you make a post about it, tag it 'something to live for' thank you for reading this.

Have a great day, and even awesomer life, and remember, you can make it.

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