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even if everybody else doesn't.

love yourself

by doanalexandra

answer me this: who are you?

who are you, really?

you are defined since birth by names and dates and numbers and rankings but who are you, really?

you are categorized from day one into a gender and a race and a grade from one level of life to the next but who are you, really?

you are judged every single day by your clothes and your height and your physique and your face but who are you, really?

you are monitored by the second over your actions and your words and your mistakes and your successes but who are you, really?

the truth is, you're none of those.

you are not a name you are not a gender or an age you are not a ranking or a grade you are not something to be labeled

you are not a mistake you are not a screw up you are not a burden or a failure you are not the downfalls of your past

you are your favorite quotes and the songs you dance to in your bedroom you're the stars that sparkle in your eyes and the laughter you emit when you're having fun you're what makes you happy

you are your thoughts and the new ideas you think up every day you are the secrets you've locked away and the fears that keep you up at night you're where your dreams take you

you are the the only you that will ever exist.

and it's not your fault that people pay attention to the hundreds of things that you are not

instead of paying attention to the thousands and thousands of things that you are.

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