long distance
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doanalexandracertified hopeless romantic
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i hope you miss me like i miss you.

long distance

by doanalexandra

there's a thousand miles between the two of us. a thousand miles of cities, mountains, valleys, and ocean.

you have your own life and i have mine. two different lives in two different worlds.

the sun rises and greets me with its warmth as the stars twinkle and dance around you where you are.

we both smile together as if maybe, it was meant to be.

i meet up with you only in our wildest dreams until we wake up on separate beds in separate towns.

and every day i'm left sitting here alone as the cuddling and the kissing remain a fantasy.

but even though you're not next to me my feelings for you are just as raw and real.

my heart still skips a beat when i see you and when you tell me that even when i'm far away

you still love me, and that you will always love me.

one day our souls will meet again and the cuddling and the kissing will become a reality

but until then, keep me in your mind and heart since you already built yourself some homes in mine.

there's a thousand miles between the two of us and sometimes the pain makes it seem like you're out of reach.

but there's never a doubt in my heart that you're not still out there, radiating love for me.

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bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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This was a very charming and romantic poem. Good job.