i don't write anymore
i don't write anymore stories

doanalexandracertified hopeless romantic
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(aka a string of incoherent thoughts)

i don't write anymore

by doanalexandra

i started writing in kindergarten.

i wrote about princesses that saved the world.

since then, a whole other universe has formed in my mind.

that is where all my characters reside in their own worlds.

i mainly wrote stories involving life, love, and loss.

sometimes i dabbled in poetry to really immerse myself.

but something's happened. something has changed.

the fire in my heart simmered. the passion was gone.

it all happened so suddenly, and i'm left feeling lost.

feeling like a shell of my former creative self.

maybe it's just a part of growing up.

when you grow up, your world of imagination begins to die.

or maybe it doesn't die. maybe it's there all your life.

your connection to it just gets weaker and weaker over time.

either way, i don't write anymore.

my words don't rhyme.

my words aren't deep.

my words don't make an impact anymore.

i've been trying to revive the passion i once had.

but maybe the only thing to do is to accept it.

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