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In a setting of the old times kinda like the days of robin hood, 2 siblings lose their parents and try to figure out whats happens with out trying to arose attention. As they care for each other , we wile see them individually struggle through all the turns and plot twists i have prepared.

You don't hear about it, cause no one talks about, either because they wouldn't dare to or they simply don't know. W the age of eleven both my mother and father vanished.

It was dark ,cold,and confusing.

All I really remember was lots of fire burning down the home my family once shared and screams of sorrow not knowing if it was my parents or my four year old sister Payta.

As I had picked her up I looked over to the spot my parents were but it was too late they were gone in a blink of an eye. For a while I didn't admit it, but I came to my senses.

My parents disappeared. I was left taking care of Payta. And that's what I live for because my life disappeared with my parents.

Nine years have past since “that night” I'm now nineteen and Payta thirteen. We live in a cottage about half a mile from our burned down home.

For four years we lived with my good friend Gemorock Fee and his family of 2. At fifteen I had gathered enough money to move to the cottage were Payta and me have settled for five years.

I had hoped to move as far from the past as I could. But you know what they say about hope, it breeds eternal misery.

Money's tight in the woods of Mort Espoir which means “death hope” and even though I have a job in town and often hunt to sell there's never really enough since the government decided

to raise the prices on land, markets, and not to mention the taxes. Luckily I've managed to keep Payta in school, pay the rent, and have some extra to spare on miscellaneous things.

I worry about Payta even though she is over-achieving in school, unfortunately she asks a lot of questions.

I tell her in another world it would be good, but in this one it does more bad than good.

She doesn't know much about “that night" and haven't told her to spare her the pain, tears, and curiosity that has been taunting me for years and that could catch up to her.

I would be glad if I didn't have to live with that. That's partly the reason I haven't told her.

The other part is that it's very dangerous if she goes asking around and digs up the truth that I imagine no one knows, including myself.

It could catch up to her and kill her for knowing such a secret kept for nine years, that no one knows but the one whom I crave to kill one day for disappearing my parents and I.

Soon Payta is going to do whatever she wants once she turns sixteen and I might not be able to protect her anymore which scares me a lot.

One thing you should know about Payta, is that once she puts her mind to something there's no stopping her.

For now though, I have to put aside worrying about the future and worry about the present. Today we are supposed go and visit Gemorock after Payta comes home from school.

We try to visit once in awhile, after all it's only half a mile away. Payta arrives and she gets ready quickly. That's one of the many things I’ve noticed about Payta.

She is not like the other girls that spend a lifetime getting ready. If I had to describe her I would say she's a tomboy.

When I go hunting she always begs for me to let her come along and to teach her. I swear if she had short hair and a masculine body people couldn't tell us apart.

We have the same dark brown hair and our skin is almond white aside from the part where it’s a bit darker due to the sun’s work of art. We basically dress the same.

T-shirt and jeans the old causal way or a sweatshirt and shorts. And not to mention our personalities. Both of us don’t care about what the world thinks nor do we get involved in it.

It has always been me and her against the world.

The way we are though I think it's more about how we have had to live and less about our personalities because if I remember clearly Payta as a toddler was happy and always walking around

the house with my dad's boots and hat. But enough about the past. Payta sighs in exhaustion I tell her only one more block till the Fee’s house. When we arrive at their house Mrs.

Fee greets us in enthusiasm by saying, “Jeraziah!” “Payta!”. I shake Mr.Fee’s hand and give a big hug and pat on the back to Genmorock.

As we catch up with one another's life, Gemorock and I excuse ourselves and take a walk around the block. He asks me how I'm doing intending to make small talk.

I shrug my shoulders and change the subject to him. He notices what I’m doing and goes along with it. Gemorock doesn’t work but he does hunt and sell.

He is actually a lot better than me since he has more time to practice.

He goes on about how there's been lots of Squirrels and often Buffalo to hunt but sadly not many Deer, which is what really pays. It's now about dusk and we arrive at his house.

Payta and I say our goodbyes and begin our tiring walk home. The next morning I eat breakfast alone since Payta decided to sleep in since today's Saturday.

Poor girl was fatigued from going to school and the visit to the Fees’ house. Today I don’t work so I as well could have slept in, but after all today's the only day I have to hunt.

As I gather my bow and arrow,knife, and jacket that my father once wore I head out locking the door behind me. The woods of Mort Espoir are very deep with tall bare trees.

All the leaves are left to lay on the floor making a crunchy sound as one walks on them. My father always said the key to hunting was patience.

It wasn’t until he disappeared that I realized he was right. I climb one of the many trees my father had marked.

He said these trees were the best because you could look as far to where the city lays. I go climbing tree to tree to get different points of view.

I settle down on one tree to rest and stare at the orangey sunset and how it shines it’s last bit of light on the mountains that surround this world.

When I arrive to the cottage it’s already dusk out. Payta has already made dinner, so I wash up and sit down to eat. “Did

you hunt anything”?, Payta asks. “No, it was a waste of time”, I say. “Maybe this *season* is no good for hunting”, Payta states. “Maybe”, I say.

We clean up and head to our bedrooms were we get ready for bed. My heart races as i prepare myself to relive “that night”.

I slowly wake up to the smell of something burning,

I bolt to where the smell leads me and see Payta holding a pan with what I think is a black egg stuck to the pan and if I didn’t know better I would think it’s part of the pan.

“What happened”,I ask startledly. “ I got caught up in making the tea and by the time I put in the ginger and all the other spices it was too late”, Payta says.

“Are you okay, did i freak you out? If it’s because of the pan don’t worry I will go into town and get a new today”,Payta worriedly asks.

“No, it’s nothing just a little shocked i did just wake up. And you're not going anywhere alone.” I say. “You know you can’t keep me locked up forever”! Payta states.

“I’m protecting you”, I say as I walk away. “From what”!,Payta angrily shouts. If only I knew. I lay in my bed drifting to sleep as I try to forget what just happened.

Waking up i realize i'm not in the position i was when i fell back to sleep. Payta must have covered me and turned me around so my neck wouldn’t hurt when i awoke.

I shower,dress,and groom myself in preparation to go to town. Heading to the kitchen i notice Payta occupied doing homework.

I find it amazing how she can shut the whole world out and concentrate on one thing, it reminds me of our mom. She would sew for hours without getting distracted and not notice the time go by.

Trying to make small talk i ask, “Are you coming to town with me”? “Yes, but i have ito go to the library to return a book. Payta replied.

“Didn’t you just sigh one out at the beginning of the week?” i ask. “I finished it”. Payta states.”Alright, If it is dark by the time you leave, ask Mr.Esamino to accompany you.

” Be Careful i thought of adding but it would be no use because if those people want to get to you they will.

Coming home i placed the bag on the kitchen table and grabbed my things to go hunting. Since there isn't really much to hunt in this season i mostly just use it as an excuse to go to the woods.

It's my favorite place to think. I close my eyes and forget about the world, and just imagine my dad were here. He would show me all the different trees, and we would talk and nonsense. I wish i

would have paid more attention when he would teach me. But i was young and just wanted to play. Sometimes my dad would invite the Geomrocks dad to go hunting, and me and Gemorock would mimic our

fathers. I still remember how we buried “treasure” all around the Mort Esproi. I head home with a clear head when i see Payta off the corner of my eye. She is with some other kid. But i can't qui

te see his face. Just his blonde hair. I crouch behind a rock making sure i don't scare them off. The blondie recives some cash from Payta and they both walk away. I hurry to the door and run to

my room before she sees me. I don’t want her to get scared and then not tell me or suspect i know anything because then she could make up a good lie about it. To catch her off guard is best that

way i can tell if she is lying. “Jeraziah”,Payta shouts. “Over Here”, i say. “What book did you get”, i ask with intention. “What?”Patya says without giving it much thought. “You said you were tu

rning in a book and you always get a new one.” I say “ yeah they didn't have any material i hadn't already read.” Patya replies. "So, i was thinking, i know i may be really strict but i just do w

ant anything to happen to you", i say trying to get a point across. "I know Jereziah, its bad out there, but you have to understand too that i can't just sit around anymore and be clueless to all

my questions, question me and you both have. " Paytas reply tells me what i wanted to know, that she paid that kid for information, but i also couldn't stop thinking about what she said, about

not being clueless anymore, it kept me thinking that she might know something, I didn't sleep that night.

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