The Strangeness
The Strangeness strange stories

div35 A depressed soul trying to get by
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The feeling we all share right now, whether we are working in a hospital trauma room, delivering groceries, or sitting on our couches while binge-watching Netflix.


The Strangeness

Peering through our windows, we see the stillness

Out on the street, there's barely a soul to meet

Feelings seem to percolate

Some fear and anxiety

But one, in particular, stands out


Our reality seems light-years away

The hugs and greetings at the office

The chipper tone of your server at a restaurant

Even the gross spit-take handshakes over a pact

Why did that all go away

It was necessary, they said

Not only to protect yourself but others as well

And we accepted (almost) whole-heartedly

Yet with every ticking hour

Grows the need to get outside

Not for the fresh air, but for the people

The people we claimed to cherish, but could never get a hold of to schedule a time to meet

The people we'd lost touch with, for no outlandish reason

The people we text every day, but can never convince to get on the phone to hear their voice

Staying in our makeshift prisons, we yearn for those people

To sit beside, to talk to

To hug and kiss without full-body condoms

But mainly, to get away from the strange feeling

Just, for a moment's rest, from the strangeness

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