Sinful Desires
Sinful Desires sins stories

dirtiebitz Community member
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Heaven is no place for me.

Sinful Desires

Watch me, as I fade to sleep. Awake me, cause im in too deep.

Let me rest, death is for the best. But if I die, who will cry for me?

Who would cry for me?

Man made god and man made hell but I wont buy and I wont sell cause i love what the devil does to me.

Take me, take my wicked soul. Im shaking, shaking at the knees.

Im restless begging someone please just awake me, wake me from my eldrich pain, wake me from this life cause its all... just a game.

Tell me whats right from wrong, but who are you to speak among, the wild saints and twisted cavalries?

I stand before and graze the sky, asking the good man to tell me why, why the evil just feels so good to me?

With no response, I feel his chills.

The air of death, the wind of cheap thrills and I know now that Heaven isnt the place for me.

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