Piano Man
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dirtiebitz Community member
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Her hands aren't only capable of creating a tune but something rather quite wicked...

Piano Man

Her eyes bleed with exhaustion as her fingers corress the keys and the sinister man watches her play, disregarding her pleas.

She follows his orders and listens to his demands but they keys of the piano create wicked blisters on her hands. He looks deep into her soul, that is now simply a black hole.

But then she has an idea, why now she has a plan. A sinister way to terminate this man.

He rubs her shoulders to put her at ease but she turns around to choke him, causing him to weaze.

She digs her thick nails into his simmering flesh and he falls to the floor in a crumbling mess.

He looks into her eyes as he takes his last breath, and thats how the piano man was put to death

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