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clouds are weird.

sky fluff

by dinushka

clouds are so weird.

they're just these giant bundles of fluff way way up high.

i mean,

obviously there's a science behind them and their existence can be explained with two dollar words like "vaporisation" and "orographic forcing"

but to me they honestly don't even look real

they look like a painting of the sky by the gods where their hands slipped and the paint spilled onto the canvas but it's okay because sometimes accidents are the best kind of art.

when the world around you is constantly moving,

the clouds aren't.

cars are rushing to your right, people running to your left, and you're caught up in the race. but then you look up and the clouds are just still, watching down on it all.

it isn't until you stop moving and everything around you freezes

that you realise the clouds are moving too.

and you realise that they have places to go and things to see. and you realise that they're not going to be there forever. and you realise what a bummer time is.

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