For Her She Would Stay
For Her She Would Stay nyssa al ghul stories
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Sara and Nyssa. Pre-Arrow.

For Her She Would Stay

"I miss home Nyssa. I miss my family. I miss... Everything."

Nyssa looked up from the bed. "Why now? You never said anything before. Do you wish to leave?"

"No. Yes. I want you. I want my family. I don't know how much longer I can be here. Do this." Sara began to pace to their bedroom.

"Then what do you want beloved?" Nyssa left the bed to soothe Sara's worry. Or maybe soothe her own.

"I want you and my family." Sara could feel the tears beginning to gather in her eyes.

"What brought this on?"

"Holiday's. Birthday's. I've missed so many. I need to know their safe."

"I'm sorry you’re sad. But you know he would never allow-"

"I know Nyssa. I know." Sara interrupted.

Nyssa pulled Sara against her. She placed a kiss against her forehead. "I am sorry beloved. I will check up on them if it shall make you happy."

"I love you Nyssa. I wish- I don't know anymore. All I know is I want you. You make this life bearable."

"And I love you. Always."

Sara buried her head in Nyssa's hair breathing in her scent. She could leave. Not yet. She would miss Nyssa so much. To much. For now she would stay. If only for Nyssa. She was worth it.

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