The forgotten fairy tales
The forgotten fairy tales


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Forgotten fairy tales forgotten lessons shaped young minds

The forgotten fairy tales

We are self destructive creatures of habit, Like Alice in wonder land, a chase to catch the white rabbit. 

  Like robots we march day to day on a linear path we refuse to scatter, And as the small minded do, we all condem the mad hatter. 

We all read the story,  You know, that one with the magic red slippers and Dorothy. Take heed to the lessons because we all live, no! We all survive the best way we can, Without hearts and love just like the tin man.

Like idiots we are we take abuse, our silence means compliance, means we yearn for more, Some of us are like the scarecrow, our heads filled with straw. 

But who am I to condemn?  I lived for love like that which exists in the beauty and the beast,  Dreaming one day a girl would love me for me, a dream that never seems to cease. 

  Some girls take Cinderella a bit too much to heart,  Longing for the handson Prince to sweep them away, she was basically a slave you know, or did you forget that part. 

These fairy tales made us,  They shaped us,  Their forgotten lessons now serve to condemn us.  Everything in life has a purpose,  Realizing what that is is solely up to us

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