Beerus and Whis: battle for the galaxy
Beerus and Whis: battle for the galaxy fiction stories

diavolo why are you reading this..?
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Now now i know this is unexpected of me to just up and make a story like this but i felt like making a story and this is what i came up with in under 10 minutes :) more coming soon

Beerus and Whis: battle for the galaxy

Chapter 1: unexpected rivals

"ahh yes whis this is truly fine" beerus would say as he had a mighty wide grin

whis would chuckle "i suppose you could say...hmm oh what's the word" beerus would be have his mouth full of delicious earth food "who cares on what the word is!" beerus would continue eating

whis would look at beerus "oh! fine like wine is the word" whis would say as he smiled brightly

beerus would look at whis taking his big gulp and long exhale "ahhh hey whis why aren't you eating you usually beat me to the food first

whis would look ahead at the horizon with a dead expression

beerus would tilt his head and stand up "what's the issue? another disturbance?"

"i suppose so..." whis would continue looking forward

beeerus would exhale deeply a little aggravated "well let's go and stop it or them whatever these things are"

whis would look at beerus "that's the problem...they are saiyans"

beerus eyes would open wide with shock and a small hint of fear "W-WHAA S-SAIYANS?!?!"

whis would nod "but oh it don't stop there lord beerus... they are the exactly same strength as goku inside his omen form and when they fuse they are i suppose what they call themselves...


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