She Tries to Hard Chap. 2 How to Make the Heart Beat Faster
She Tries to Hard

Chap. 2 How to Make the Heart Beat Faster chap 2 stories

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She Tries To Hard
Chap. 2 How to Make the Heart Beat Faster

She Tries to Hard Chap. 2 How to Make the Heart Beat Faster

Walk all the way to Walgreens and buy 5 Monsters, 3 Dark chocolate bars and a bag of Hot Cheetos.

I’ll go back home and rewatch You're Lie in April for the rest of the day.

Go to Hot Topic and buy a T-shirt of every emo band I've ever liked.

I'll get a shirt in every shade of black they have.

And hope my card won't decline the purchase

Walk all the way to Burger King.

I might just stop two steps before I get to the sidewalk.

Let every car that passes brush my back with the threat of taking me with them.

Drive to Wisconsin and back. No GPS. On the highway.

Maybe that fear would be enough for me.

Watch IT over and over again until I know the lines by heart but maybe that would be a bore.

Attend a punk rock concert and get front row seats.

Let the band sweat all over me, my ears will bleed and my brain will ache.

The mosh pit might so intense it will break my legs.

Cut my hair shorter than yours Go 10 over the speed limit I'll jump off a cliff into a lake

Go bungee jumping without the cord Ice skate with no experience Dye my hair a thousand colors

Get a matching tattoo with the stranger next to me

I'm afraid that none of this would be enough.

All of these things will never compare to how talking to you makes me feel.

There's a strong throbbing that courses through my body.

I think it's coming from my heart

A chill seeps through my skin every time I look at you

The longer your hand held mine the more my heart raced

I don't know what will ever compare to this rush

No drug or drink can make me feel the same

I find myself longing to see you, to hug you and kiss you

Maybe this time around I will not take us for granted

I might appreciate the moment a bit more than before

You wouldn't have to ask for a kiss,

my love,

I'd always be one step ahead of you

I may have lost your heartbeat but I'll always keep trying

For now, I'll settle for this music that you left,

but one day I hope to find you again.

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