Ghosts of happiness
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diamondgrant17 I love writing poetry
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Help me hide From the demons I bare inside

Ghosts of happiness

Help me hide

From the demons I bare inside

I feel so worthless, rejected, denied

Everyone that told me they’ll be here for me lied

I’ll never admit when I’m wrong

Never put my pride aside

No one will ever know how many times I laid in bed and cried

All the flowers in my heart died

Lay awake with mouth shut but eyes wide

Listening to night creatures songs outside

While holding hands with the demons on my bedside

My anger and depression collide trying to decide what landslide to make me go through

I’m tongue tied no one to confide to while I sit on the sea side waiting for a high tide

Wash my sins away let me die dignified

Feeling blind someone please be my guide

I’m sorry for letting you down but just know I tried

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