Pain demands to be felt...
Pain demands to be felt...

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dhvani5050 new to writing
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Strong until u came
Happy until u left

Pain demands to be felt...

They said it hurts when somone leaves u for ur mood swings

They said it slays u when they say i love u no more instead of i love u more....

I was firm to not allow someone to tarnish my life..until him

He secretly made his way to so-called my stupid heart...

It was then that the way I see myself and the realm changed

His sparkling eyes glint my day His touch made flowers of my mind bloom Every time he called my name got me to shiver down the spine.....until

The day he decided to leave me with my stupid heart that was now into countless pieces...

Now I realize the pain they were talking about... I just wish it to be a dream that goes off the morning I wake up But something is just not letting me wake up..

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