Just to Get to Know Me
Just to Get to Know Me

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devynripley 🕸️ Idiosyncratic Going's On🕸️
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All in the search for the most unnaturally innate way to love someone.

Just to Get to Know Me

I will meld with her, so I can reach her heart and show her that I would love her from the start.

I will help with what makes her resistant to the world, shaping her spirit which becomes more knurled with the experience of life. She'll believe she is the perfect wife, because she'll love herself. She'll put all her doubts on the forgotten bottom shelf.

I will love her and never let go. She will help me love me, and we will both grow. We will both know.

Everything she ever wanted in a life with a lover she could trust, given when she crosses my path, "Provide with her, ourselves the heavens, I must." And she thought of all the things she should, and that SHE must.

She must let herself be beaten up by all the possibilities that comes alongside our coalescence. She'll get close, and see my essense.

She has her ways with divine elegance, and the notes in her voice ring with nurture and eloquence. We've been together for as ever as we'll ever be, and there's always forevermore... ascending with bonded souls and in need of nothing more.

We'll learn a lot, and let the tide take us for a ride. With no one around, we'll get real high and die. Just so we can come to and come back stronger because we'll have found where we reside.

It will all come to change with her as time speeds on, and we'll race beyond what we think we can see. And she'll continue to do all that and more...

just to get to know me.

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