Unsung Heroes
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devonsummers I write and sometimes I share it.
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A poem about queer youth.

Unsung Heroes

by devonsummers

In seventh grade, it was trending to be bisexual.

But only with the girls, if a boy had said he was bisexual he would have been an outcast, thrown out of the it cliques and the troupe-filled groups but it was cool for all the girls to come ...

... out to all their friends as bisexual. But only in seventh grade, see, it was cool in seventh grade but what about sixth grade what about the girls who had the audacity to hold hands in the...

... hallways and tell people they were dating those girls got hunted down and cornered because when you’re queer, every day is hunting season and they got spat on and called names and ...

... they were told they were going to hell.

No one ever talks about those girls who paved the way for the queer youth like myself to hold hands with our girlfriends and walk down the halls and by the time I had a serious girlfriend ...

... we had a whole table of friends who wanted to punch the boys throwing french fries at us and calling us faggots with slippery tongues that quickly would have transformed ...

... to instruments of inciting pity had we dared to even look at them.

No one ever talked about the boy who hissed slurs at me in the halls and how he later claimed he was joking.

No one ever knew because I never talked about it because I felt like it was insignificant because he said he was joking, it was all a big joke, he’s not actually homophobic, right?

I felt like i was making too big a deal out of it and no one even heard it anyway so it was just a petty claim against a petty kid who knew how to manipulate teachers into thinking he was nice.

I never talked about how he was about half the reason why i wanted to kill myself that year and no one would have ever thought to trace my suicide attempt in may back to slurs ...

... thrown haphazardly at my fingers in december.

But he was joking, right? Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.

Tell that to Asher Brown, Seth Walsh, Michael Morones, Jaheem Herrera, Ayden Keenan-Olson, Raymond Chase, Jamie Hubley, Jeanine Blanchette, Chantal Dube, Shaquille Wisdom, and Tyler Clementi

These are just a few of the kids that words hurt. Studies suggest that among lesbian, gay and bisexual youth, approximately 32% contemplate or attempt suicide, compared to 7% of all youth.

That’s why we need campaigns and hotlines and “safe spaces” and resources. The queer kid getting bullied to death is not something to take lightly.

Does it have to be your friend, your neighbor, your parent, your guardian, your sibling, your kid, does it have to be someone you know for you to take this seriously?

Our youth are dying of hatred, and we are in desperate need of love. .end.

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