Lost Girls
Lost Girls poetry stories

devonsummers I write and sometimes I share it.
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A short poem about girls lost to abuse and trauma.

Lost Girls

by devonsummers

Lost girls Shaking hands shaking feet Trembling lips and a voice that speaks Incoherent cries for help People ask her

What happened What happened What happened She doesn’t know She asks herself What happened Why are these legs betraying my forced confidence

Forced smiles Forced hugs Forced sex that doesn’t feel real Forced kisses that aren’t sincere What happened, what happened Is that she can’t breathe Her lungs convulse at a steady rhythm

But No air is going in or out Her skin caves in with touch Heavy breaths equal forced smiles no air Clenched fists around knives Walking home at night Smiles smiling brightly

Teeth shining brightly as weapons of psychological warfare I love you You know you want it Just close your eyes It’s going to be okay I promise

Please go away Please Stop hurting me Please leave me alone I , don’t want it I don’t want this Leave me alone I Just want to go home Where the hell is home anyway I don’t feel safe

I should have felt safe in his arms but

His soft whisper makes me choke Choking back cries for help that will only make it worse Choking back the desire to run Choking back trembling lips and teeth Choking On my own tongue

Running running away from here Running running far away Shaky tears and legs What happened Lost girls .end.

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