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devonsummers I write and sometimes I share it.
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A sarcastic poem about the term "feminazi" and the roots of the word.


by devonsummers

I’m just your run-of-the-mill everyday feminazi.

If you exist outside of my prejudiced ideals I’ll throw you in the gas chamber and later, I’ll take your lifeless body outside and burn it in a pile of my other victims.

I’ll come straight to your door and search your brain for misogyny and if I find anything at all I’ll take you.

I’ll take your whole family.

You won’t even have a chance to pack your bags full of hate and discrimination.

You’ll find yourself in a strange land where people get paid the same amount for the same work regardless of their gender and regardless of what’s in their pants.

When you go to the bathroom you’ll be baffled by the preposterous idea that there are not just boys and girls.

You’ll feel lost trying to navigate the concept of gender neutrality but it doesn’t stop there.

Those terrifying sex toys that those crazy women talk about being taxed will be understood and free of stigma.

You’ll say, “No tax on those demon sex toys?” And I’ll reply, “No tampon tax!”

And they’ll be out in the open like where you live and breathe and they’ll even be as accessible as condoms!

People with uteruses will get time off from work and school when every month one of their internal organs will shed a layer rather violently. People without uteruses will respect that.

If you call someone a crazy bitch or ask if it’s that time of the month with anything but compassion for their pain you will be executed on the spot.

After all, I’m a feminazi. Murder is in the name. .end.

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