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What have you survived through?


We are all survivors. Survivors of these comet crashing fantasies. Survivors of this Earth. Survivors of what some may see as God's plan. Survivors right from the moment of birth.

We all as a group have survived to get here. All people and civilization as we know it has survived long enough to get us here. To get us to the current time that we consider as life.

We are all here because of how the human race was able to survive. The real question is what have you survived?

What is it you consider as you're moment on conquer? Do you think you've accomplished a moment in time that counts? Today my mind ponders on the idea of what we are here for.

Not as a group, but i'm pointing the finger at you. What have you survived to be in this body that you claim, in the soul you've been entangled in, in the life you are living.

What have you fought through to be awarded the position you sit in. What if I put you on a pedestal and asked you what you've done to earn this spot.

Would you have anything to say? Would you be stuck on where to begin? What battles have gave you a purpose to live life in the way that you do? Think about it.

I believe we are not just granted this life; this position to just take it for granted. You have to earn it. Get out of this shell that some minds have. Get out of the ordinary.

Remove yourself from the protection of your bubble that saves you from reality. Take a step out of the plan and tell me what you see. Get out of this everyday routine of emptiness.

Fight for something that makes a difference. I'll tell you right now that I have a purpose; I have a meaning in my life. To live it. To earn it. To never forget it.

I've taken so many chances I shouldn't have taken. Done so many things that were terrible. Thought so many things that should've been unthinkable.

I've been at my worst; accidentally and purposely. I've lived a life that I for so long deemed "unfair." I always played it like it wasn't my fault.

That not one single terrible moment in my life was ever something I deserved.

Wondering, "Why has God dealt me this hand?" How could someone deam this kind of life, this kind of luck as making me equal to every other soul in this entire galaxy.

Until one day I realized I was wrong. There's a saying about a mother having stretch marks; how that is a Tiger earning her stripes. I've earned my life.

If you haven't suffered, you haven't fully earned what you have. A life with success and no struggle is a mirage.

That person in front of you in line who gets their card declined, that person on the road on a cold rainy day that you just drive right past,

the comerical of starving children that you pretend not to see, that mother who is burying her children before her own time has come; these are people who have earned to have a life.

I earned this. If I want to splurge on any given thing on this Earth, I've earned it. I've had so much death come crashing down beside me that I could no longer take it lightly.

I could never live one single day not knowing that I can't take it for granted, because it could end at any given moment.

I've found in times of being able to get away or to experience things I have never experienced before that I must do it,

because i've seen someone miss all of that time regretting it when it's way too late.

I've earned the right to relax at any given moment because I've watched a life live without ever taking the chance. I've learned to put a child first because I've grown up being put last.

I've learned to listen to a speaking tongue, because I've felt the feeling of not having anyone.

I've learned to be a father always finding a way to put food on the table, because I grew up without it. I've learned to never give up, because I've seen someone give up.

I am at a spot on my life that somehow has brought me tranquility. I am at peace with where I stand. I feel I have earned my spot and I don't take it lightly.

I couldn't ask for anything more and I couldn't ask to feel any better than how I do in this very moment. Am I alone at times? Sure. Am i still hurting at times? Sure.

Am I completely lost in ways in my life. You fucking bet I am. I also know that it's so much better. I am in a spot of happiness because I've Survived.

I am here because I've realized that everything else doesn't matter. What matters is that I made it through it. Things may not be true "perfection," but i'm no longer looking for that.

I'm looking for my next high. My next add on. My next step to be better. While only looking at anything in the past as a stepping stone that got me to this point of better than before.

There are plenty of things i'd consider as a mistake in my life. This would be the argument, " the homeless man, the person who can't pay their bills, what did they do to earn what they got.

" I argue this to my death. I have done plenty of things to lead to my struggles. It's debatable to say everything is my fault. I ask you to look at it from a different point of view.

Couldn't that happen to you? What if your house went up in flames and some how wasn't covered on your so sure insurance plan? What if you had that freak car accident? Keep yourself humbled.

That man with the sign on the highway, " Will work for food." It could be a bluff or it could be him giving his last effort.

Never picture someone else's life without walking in their shoes first. I will forever have what I view as a "Survivor's Heart." I will always be the person holding a door for an elderly lady.

I will always donate the amount I donate to those starving child commercials. I will always rescue an animal before I buy one. I will always let another car go first at the stop sign.

I will always put my hand out in hopes someone needing it grabs it. Forever I will stay ears open for anyone who speaks in it. I will forever be right there waiting to help save a life.

Because I've been at an all time low and Survived. My heart has hurt so many times over that it's given me my "stripes." I'm a survivor. Are you?

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