Old Instinct: A Detroit: Become Human Story - Chapter One: Too Close to Home
Old Instinct: A Detroit: Become Human Story - Chapter One: Too Close to Home mild language stories

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Hank thinks Connor needs a girlfriend.
Connor doesn't want to talk about it.
A close call at the Anderson residence forces Hank to try something risky.

Old Instinct: A Detroit: Become Human Story - Chapter One: Too Close to Home

Rain pelted heavily against the windows of the old car as it pulled lazily through the streets of downtown Detroit.

The sound of the downpour was almost deafening inside the vehicle, nearly drowning out the arguably one-sided conversation commencing between the two occupants.

The driver of the old Ford was waving one hand about wildly, animating his point to his passenger.

Lieutenant Hank Anderson kept glancing back and forth from the puddle-ridden streets to the android sitting in his passenger seat,

who made a point to stare outside through the window in an attempt to avoid the conversation.

Connor stared pointedly out of the window, watching the streetlights as they passed by. Since deviating, he had discovered a fascination with the weather in its infinite forms.

He had grown to enjoy the sounds of the rain against the metal of the car’s roof.

He had also been trying to make it obvious to his elder that he wanted no part of this conversation.

Hank, as usual, persisted.

“...just think you’d enjoy life a little more, that’s all. You’ve got a lot more free time since Cyber-Hell doesn’t control you, and - Connor, are you even listening to me?”

He didn’t respond. Hank saw the LED in Connor’s temple pulsing a golden hue. He was listening, alright - just

ignoring him.

“Connor,” Hank said in a light-hearted tone, a smile playing about his aged face. “Look at me.”

Connor sighed heavily, turning his head to face the lieutenant. “What?”

Hank laughed in spite of himself. “I don’t see what the problem is! Why don’t you want to talk about this?”

Connor turned away from the lieutenant’s smirk, facing the front windshield. “Because I simply don’t see the point in a relationship, Lieutenant. Androids were not made to feel affection.”

Hank laughed. “You’re a deviant now. You can do whatever the hell you want.” He turned his eyes back to the road, still chuckling to himself.

“I just think if you found yourself a nice girl, maybe you wouldn’t be so…”

Hank waved a hand in the air, as if grasping for a word he couldn’t quite reach.

“Wouldn’t be so what, Lieutenant?” Connor asked in annoyance.


The android slouched in his seat, rolling his eyes. Hank found himself amused at this display of irritation.

God, he’s just like a damn teenager, Hank thought to himself. He smirked again, turning to face his passenger.

“C’mon, Con, it’s been a year since you deviated. You’re human now - or, at least, as human as you can be. Why won’t you even -” Hank stopped suddenly, feigning a dawning realization.

Connor glanced at him. “What, Hank?”

Hank smiled. “You’re scared.”

Connor opened his mouth to protest. “What exactly am I scared of, Lieutenant?”


Connor pulled his gaze away from Hank’s, looking outside once more. Even in the darkness, Hank could still see the android’s face flush a faint blue tint.

“Ha, I knew it!” He laughed loudly as he turned into the driveway of his home on Michigan street. He turned off the ignition as he looked at his partner.

“The famous deviant hunter is afraid of women!”

Connor unfastened the seat belt and opened the door of the old car in an attempt to escape the direction of the conversation. Hank followed suit, still laughing as he locked his car.

“That doesn’t make any sense, Hank. I fail to see your reasoning.” Connor claimed as he regained his composure, though he still avoided the stare from his friend’s tired blue eyes.

He looked to the front door of Hank’s home and stopped suddenly.

Hank was oblivious to Connor’s sudden stop. He was still shaking with laughter as he approached his partner.

“You’re afraid of women because you don’t understand them, Con, ha!” He smiled as he shook his head. “An android who’s afraid of women. I’ll be damned!”

“Lieutenant,” Connor said in a cautious tone, never tearing his eyes away from the front door to Hank’s house.

“Maybe you’ve got a commitment problem, huh? Is that it?”

“Lieutenant.” Connor turned to face the older man, his tone filled with warning. Hank looked up, his smile fading as he saw the concerned look in Connor’s eyes.

“Did you leave the door open when we left this morning?”

Hank turned his head. The door to his home was open by a few inches, the wood around the lock splintered and torn.

Hank put a hand to his belt, drawing his gun. He looked to Connor, who had done the same.

Hank nodded silently as he pulled out his radio, calling to dispatch to inform them of a possible break-in.

Connor turned to the door, raising his gun as he approached it. He put a hand to the door and gave it a push. The door creaked open on its rusted hinges.

Connor pointed his weapon into the darkness. Though his eyes were specifically designed to adapt to whatever the situation required, the darkness of Hank’s home was nearly impenetrable.

He saw movement down the corridor, coming swiftly toward them. A patch of moonlight streaming through the window illuminated the white and brown fur of the figure. Connor sighed a bit of relief.

“Sumo,” he whispered to the St. Bernard, who was approaching him quickly. He stooped to the animal’s eye level as a whine escaped the throat of the dog.

Sumo didn’t appear to be injured in any way, and happily walked out of the door to where Hank was standing.

Connor rose from his position on the ground, raising his gun once more. A clatter broke the silence of the home, stemming from the direction of the kitchen.

Connor took another cautious step toward the back of the house.

Hank was attempting to corral Sumo into the yard when he heard what sounded like an old generator powering up.

He looked up in the direction of Connor, who looked toward the direction of the noise as well.

Cautiously, Hank approached the door and, feeling along the wall for the switch, turned the lights on.

Just as the room was illuminated in light, a figure in a black jacket sprinted from the back of the house in the direction of the android.

Before Connor could respond, the man retrieved what looked like an asp out of his jacket pocket. The end of the device struck Connor in the center of his chest, just over his Thirium pump.

Electricity sparked from the device as it came in contact with the android. A strangled gasp escaped from Connor as he spasmed. He dropped to the ground with a resounding thud and lay still.

Hank aimed his weapon at the suspect and fired. The suspect’s head snapped backward, and a spray of blue blood escaped from the wound in the center of his forehead.

He fell to the ground next to Connor. The device fell from the hand of the dead android.

A cattle prod.

“Connor!” Hank hurried to where Connor lay on his side. Hank placed a hand on Connor’s shoulder, shaking him gently. When he didn’t respond, Hank rolled Connor onto his back.

His arm fell limp to the ground at his side, revealing the charred and blackened mark in the center of his torso. His head lolled to the side, his eyes open and unseeing.

His LED was a deathly grey in color.

“No, no no no, you aren’t doing this to me! I don’t think so!” Hank took Connor by his shoulders and shook him. There was no response.

Hank stared at Connor’s blank face for a moment, the reality sinking in. “Connor! You answer me, that's an order!”

No response.

Hank sat still for a moment, rendered entirely speechless.

No, not again, please…

A thought occurred to him suddenly. Hank stood from where he was knelt on the ground and hurried to the kitchen.

He opened the first drawer on his left when he entered the room and retrieved a small, black object from

the bottom of the drawer.

This better work, Hank thought to himself as he powered on the taser.

Running back to where Connor lay, he steeled himself for what he was about to do. Raising the taser over Connor’s chest, he looked into Connor’s unseeing eyes.

“Sorry, pal.”

He brought his hand down, the taser connecting with Connor’s chest just over the charring. His body jerked, and his LED flashed a brilliant red.

Connor gasped, his eyes flying open as he sat up abruptly.

Hank could have fallen over with relief; instead, he put a hand on his partner’s back as Connor attempted to catch his breath. When his LED cycled to a golden hue, Connor looked up at Hank.

His soft brown eyes were wide with confusion.

“What happened?” he asked. Hank nodded to the body of the other android on the ground.

“He zapped you, that’s what happened. Stopped your pump completely. I had to tase you to get it goin’ again.” Hank sat down heavily, eyeing his partner warily. “You okay?”

Connor looked down at the charred mark on his artificial skin, grimacing at the smell of burnt plastic. “I am functioning at optimal capacity, and I detect no lasting damage.

” He paused and met the tired eyes of his best friend with his own. “Thank you.”

Hank sighed, nodding. “Sure thing, kid.”

After radioing to the precinct about what had happened, Captain Fowler came to the house to pick up the body and gather a statement from both detectives. Fowler grimaced at Connor’s charred skin.

“You boys take the weekend, I don’t want to see either of you until Monday,” Fowler said gruffly, returning to his vehicle and pulling out of the driveway.

Hank stared at the Thirium stain on his carpet, but didn’t bother to clean it. It would evaporate eventually, leaving nothing behind.

The lieutenant rubbed a hand over his face and groaned.

“I need a drink.”

Connor smirked in spite of himself, grabbing the keys from where they had fallen to the ground.

“I couldn’t agree more, Lieutenant.”

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