Ironic Analogy!Part 1
Ironic Analogy!Part 1 stories

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The journey from zara to ratnadeep supermarket!!!

Ironic Analogy!Part 1

In the era where gadgets have become our extended body and emotions have become extremly fragile .

Me being an extrremly jolly ,hilarious, loud,

lunatic and sarcastic person girl from pune ended up marrying a very well mannered boy from a welloff family in hyderabad at a tender age of almost 24.

Now this family consists of polite but strong headed inlaws a gemini husband and a hard working sis in law and a deranged grandmother.

Best and the worst part about the grandmother is she can barely hear....and has memory loss enough to make you laugh or get your blood boiling.

Now this 90 year old women is least interested in spiritually unlike other grannys who try to find peace of mind in the last few years of their life. They say the grandmoms got alzeimers ...

but ironically she remembers things and forgets them as per her convenience. i think she gets sadistic pleasure in keeping everybody on her toes.

Newly married and still coming to terms with idli rasam wada sambhar and meals.........

it was still sinking it all in!Moving from a young at heart place like pune to a place where idli and sambhar rice seems to be the solution to most of peoples problems wasnt easy .

Here when i could barely gather myself and push myself to maturity i was expected to babysit the granny .

Taking all her annoying tantrums even though she wasnt related to me by blood wasnt justified to me but i didtake all her nonsense as i was well bought up .

Fortunate enough to live in a nicely maintained penthouse with all the facilities available there wasnt much physical burden as much as emotional.

Drastic change from hardcore partying wonderful set of friends ,

having a good hold over the city and living life queen size and so carefree to suddenly having so many responsibilities on your head wasnt very acceptingto my system.

i still act touristy after a year and half of marriage .Issues of unable to speak the local dialect telgu added to the problems .

Used to shopping so frequently and had never entered the kitchen much earlier life was getting harder.We all know how annoying hyderabadi hindi is..hona ki nai hona???

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