10 Reasons Why We Would Never Work Out
10 Reasons Why We Would Never Work Out sad stories
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devan Skeleton waiting for the war.
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I miss you, I miss you, I miss you

10 Reasons Why We Would Never Work Out

10 Reasons Why We Would Never Work Out

1: You’re every girl’s daydream and I’m more of the suffering-artist type.

I will keep you up at night to stare at the stars with me and paint them while you sleep in the early morning.

You will keep me up at night with every girl you throw your eyes at.

You will make coffee and flirt while I sleep.

2: You are a Cancer and I am a Sagittarius.

You say the stars don’t affect us in any way while I stay up all night to paint them.

3: You are perfect and I am a mess.

You’ve got those perfect blue eyes and the neatly cut blonde hair and I’ve got the blue-gray eyes and whatever hair color I decide on that week.

4: You are Romeo and I am Rosaline.

I will survive the play without you.

5: You could break up with me and I wouldn’t even know it until I was 50 miles past you and your new girlfriend on my way to another state, physically or mentally.

6: Our hand fit perfectly together.

My head fits perfectly into the crook of your neck.

This type of perfection will never happen again.

7: I drink coffee in the evening and you don’t like coffee.

8: I can’t paint you and you can’t keep me.

You’re nothing more than a memory.

9: I am a work in progress, and that’s okay.

You are a finished product, and that’s okay too.

10: I love you.

They say opposites attract, but we were two matches burning brighter together, so when the flame went out, you could feel the cold on every inch of your body.

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