What if COMMAFUL can talk?
What if COMMAFUL can talk? commaful stories

desvalida more than dead
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A funny experiment

What if COMMAFUL can talk?

Not meant to hurt anyone. Hope you like it. Let's go!

Me: Thinking or rather trying to think like Einstein. (Suddenly gets an inspiration) (*Clicks on the icon*)

Me: Thinking or rather trying to think like Einstein. (Suddenly gets an inspiration) (*Clicks on the icon*) Commaful: Enter your username and password, please! Me: We have been in a live-in relationship for 4 months and you still don't know this!

(*Furiously types the password*) Commaful: Hey, you stupid donkey! Please note that CAPS is on. Me: You said donkey and please at once. So polite! (Actually so ironical) (*Clicking on create button*)

Commaful: My worst part of the day begins. Me: Mate, I have a doubt. Commaful: What? Me: Why were you named as Commaful? Commaful: Let me tell you something.

Commaful: Long, long ago... Me: How much long? Commaful: That's why you are called as a donkey. Me: Yes. Wait, what? Commaful: Don't interrupt. Me: (Yawns)

Commaful: Ever since Sydney named me I was so happy with young and talented writers. My life was so smooth. I loved my name. But just 4 months ago my life changed drastically. I am hating my name. Me: What happened? Commaful: You joined!!!! Me: (In Shock)

Commaful: Just because I was named like that you continuously use commas in your stories. Every day I wait for your story to have a full-stop. BUT NO! NEVER THAT COMES. Change my name, Sydney! Help me from this ass! Me:(Shock) Commaful: Sorry, did I hurt you? What are you thinking?

Me: What's the difference between ass and donkey? Commaful: No wonder you are like this. Me: Okay! Okay! Tell me this. When do I get a gold comma? Commaful: When you leave me. Me: Why do all apps ask me to leave?

Commaful: Not writing your copied story today? Me: No. Today I am writing about you. Want to say a few words? Commaful: Oh yes! I am very much happy to have these many followers. Thank you, Sydney for creating me and exposing me to different lifestyles and emotions.

Commaful: I am not only an app but also a person who is moulded everyday by different emotions, sarcasm, love, feelings, and thoughts. I feel like a complete person. Thank you, pals! Me: Don't get emotional. It's ok!

Commaful: A jackass like you will not understand my feelings. Me: Listen, mate. If you want to scold, just scold me with one word. What's the difference between donkey, ass, and jackass? Commaful: God, save this mule! Me: ARGHHHHHH!

Thank you for reading. Do you have any questions to ask Commaful? If so mention them. I will add a pinch of sarcasm to them.

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