We don't talk anymore Chapter 9 Part 2
We don't talk anymore 

Chapter 9                                  Part 2 main character stories

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Everything between Jumin Han and MC was going smoothly. Until one day she suddenly stopped talking to him. She didn't offer an explanation, nor give any reason at all. It's the day of the RFA party, and Jumin is yet again faced with the inner struggle between wanting to know the truth, and watching her from the distance, afraid of asking all the questions deep inside his heart.

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We don't talk anymore Chapter 9 Part 2

MC told V the whole story, careful not to miss anything. After she was done, V was in a deep thought for a bit, before he started speaking.

- Don’t you find it a little too convenient? How everything happened at the same time, like it was planned that way?

I wouldn’t be surprised if this was all a big plot, created by those two women and Chairman Han.

- But, what about the photos?

- Oh, speaking of those, can you please show them to me?

- No…They are…way too intimate…I don’t want you to see Jumin in such a compromising position…

- MC – V moved a bit closer to her – Don’t make me use my charm to try and kiss you once more, in order to persuade you to show me those photos.

- V! Don’t even joke about that! – MC hid her blushing face in her hands.

- I’m sorry, I’m sorry – He chuckled a bit.

- But MC – he took her hands in his, and removed them from her face.

His expression had changed to a very serious one – This is important, so please show me the photos, so I can put all the puzzle pieces together.

She only nodded, opened the desired message on her phone, and then handed it to him.

- Tsk, such a bold woman. Please, send the photos to my phone. I will need to gather as much information on this woman, as possible.

- What are you planning to do, V?

- Not sure yet, but I think I have an idea.

He stood up from his spot on the sofa.

- Since the party is right around the corner, I don’t have much time. I will need to act fast. But, MC, I promise you, I will do my best to clear this misunderstanding.

- V…

He sent a smile her way, and headed towards the door.

- I’m sorry we need to cut our Christmas celebration short, but there is somewhere I need to go.

- V, if you meet Jumin, please don’t tell him about what we spoke tonight…

- No need to worry, I won’t. It’s not my place to tell him. You will have to do that yourself. – V winked at MC, and left.

She was looking at the door, and couldn’t move from her spot for a bit, before a few tears left her eyes and a smile bloomed on her lips.

- Thank you so much, V…

When V left the building, he took his phone out and dialed Saeyoung’s number.

- Hello, Luciel. I am sorry to bother you so late at night, but I will need your assistance with something.

- Who could it be at this hour?

Jumin looked beyond irritated when he opened the door. His expression suddenly changed to one of surprise.

- V? What are you doing here?

- Hello, my dear friend. I’m simply here to fulfill a promise. I apologize it took me this long.

- I see… - Jumin was wondering whether all the wine he drank was causing him to hallucinate.

- Can I come in? I bear wine and gifts. – V showed his good friend the big bags he was carrying.

- Y-yes, of course… - Jumin’s baffled expression was an unusual sight.

- Hello there, Elizabeth the 3rd! – V put the bags down, and took her in his arms, a gesture she welcomed happily.

- Oh, good, Elizabeth the 3rd can see you as well! – Jumin exclaimed, after following V inside his living room.

- Haha, did you think I was a ghost or something, Jumin?

- Well, considering I haven’t seen you in forever…

- Yes, I know, you’re completely right – V put Elizabeth the 3rd to rest on the couch and approached Jumin – I’m really sorry I haven’t been around for so long. – He hugged his friend tightly.

Jumin’s previous surprise was now more like a shock.

- It’s not typical for you to be this…emotional, V.

- Let’s say I’ve had some life-changing experiences lately. I’m really happy to see you.

- Yes, so am I. It’s been so long. – Jumin finally relaxed, and smiled at his friend.

- What do you say we have a glass of wine, and talk a bit, like the good old times? – V suggested.

- That sounds like a pleasant idea.

V opened the bottle, and poured both of them a glass of wine. He handed Jumin his glass, and sat down next to him. He took his dark glasses off, and placed them on the table.

Jumin raised an eyebrow, and looked at V questioningly.

- Oh, I had the eye operation not long ago.

- You really went through with it? You weren’t joking when you said you had some life-changing experiences.

- Let’s say I wanted to start anew.

- I am glad you finally thought of yourself.

- Hmm, Jumin, I hope you haven’t forgotten about the RFA party we will be holding soon.

- How could I forget? We’ve all been preparing for it for so long. - a half-smirk was showing on Jumin's face as he said that.

- I am actually quite impressed with MC. She has been doing an excellent job as the new party coordinator. – V studied the changes on Jumin’s face at the mention of MC.

- Yes…She has been working very hard. – Jumin took a big sip of his wine.

- I see. You know, I have been watching her for quite a while now. – V spoke slowly, his eyes not leaving Jumin’s face. – I think she’s a very special woman. Don’t you think so, too?

- I...haven’t…noticed.

“An obvious lie”, V thought to himself, and continued to speak.

- Ever since Rika’s death, MC is the first woman I have found interesting. - “I’m sorry, my friend, but you will be a bit angrier at me now”.

- To be honest, I took a liking to her, and I am thinking about telling her how I feel during the RFA party.

Many different emotions went through Jumin’s face, all of them already expected by V.

“So, they are both in love with each other. Good. “

- Why are you telling me all of this, V? – Jumin finally spoke; the anger in his voice was more than obvious.

- No special reason. Just wanted to share it with you.

Jumin finished the rest of his wine in one last sip, and stood up from the couch.

- I am quite tired, and I have a big day ahead of me, so I will head to bed now. Please, excuse me.

- Do you mind if I sleep on your couch for the night? – V shouted after Jumin, who was already on his way to his bedroom.

- Do what you wish.

When V heard the door slam after Jumin, he called for Elizabeth the 3rd, who positioned herself on the couch next to him.

- Will you keep me company tonight, pretty lady? Oh, and don’t think I didn’t bring you anything. – V took an elegant brush out of one of the bags. – This is for your beautiful fur.

Let’s give it a try.

Elizabeth the 3rd was more than satisfied with her gift, and started purring quietly under V’s touch.

- Good girl. Let us sleep for now, because we will need to take good care of your owner when he wakes up with a bad headache tomorrow.

When Jumin was left alone in his bedroom, he couldn’t help but repeat V’s last words in his head. Was there anything going on between him and MC?

- No use thinking about it now. I am going to learn everything soon anyway…

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