We don't talk anymore Chapter 8 Part 2
We don't talk anymore 

Chapter 8                                  Part 2 main character stories

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Everything between Jumin Han and MC was going smoothly. Until one day she suddenly stopped talking to him. She didn't offer an explanation, nor give any reason at all. It's the day of the RFA party, and Jumin is yet again faced with the inner struggle between wanting to know the truth, and watching her from the distance, afraid of asking all the questions deep inside his heart.

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We don't talk anymore Chapter 8 Part 2

The months passed quickly. It was snowing outside, and the New Year was just around the corner. Jumin was sitting in his living room with a glass of wine in his hand.

The RFA decided not to have a Christmas party this year, since everyone already made their own plans. He had also refused to join his father and Glam Choi on a short holiday trip.

Jumin never really cared for this particular holiday, so Elizabeth the 3rd’s company and his cozy home were more than enough for him.

He seized all attempts to contact MC, at least during the holidays.

He knew she loved Christmas, so he figured she might have special plans like everyone else, which is why he didn’t want to be a bother. Tsk, Jumin felt like a complete idiot.

After all this time, he still cared and worried about her, even though she didn’t try to contact him even once.

Is that how little he meant to her after what happened between them? He was angry, furious even, both at her and himself.

But most of all he was at the lack of a good explanation for what happened. His mind was clouding up with thoughts once more, but he chased them away and searched for his phone.

- I hope it’s okay to call him today.

V had promised to come visit him once he was feeling better, but Jumin was growing impatient.

His friend had been much more active in the chatroom, but his visits were short and he always left because of something urgent.

Jumin couldn’t fight with his curiosity anymore, so he had to contact V, and see if he’s alright. At least that would get his mind off of…someone else.

When his friend finally picked up, Jumin could hear…excitement in his voice.

- Hello, Jumin. It’s nice to hear from you!

- Likewise, V. How have you been? You sound like you’re having fun.

- Ah, yes, I’m actually with a friend of mine. I have been much better lately. I’m sorry I haven’t visited you yet. I was planning to do so, but…

- That’s quite alright, V. You don’t need to worry about such trivial things. – “And I don’t really want to hear any more excuses” - I’m just glad you’re alright.

Since you have company, I won’t inconvenience you any further.

- Don’t be silly, Jumin. I am happy you called. I hope we can talk more soon.

- Yes, of course, I hope for that as well.

- Oh, and Jumin, I know you don’t really believe in this holiday, but “Merry Christmas, my dear friend”.

- Yes…Merry Christmas, V… - Jumin hung up almost immediately. So much for feeling better tonight…

After his friend hung up, V called out from the kitchen.

- MC, you need to come taste this!

- Coming! – she appeared almost instantly, wearing a cute Christmas hat, and placed one on V’s head as well.

- There, now you look much cuter!

- Haha, thank you. – V chuckled wholeheartedly - Now, open wide!

- That’s actually quite tasty – MC exclaimed, licking her lips.

- I’m glad you liked it. I’m almost done with everything, so we can soon sit down and enjoy our Christmas dinner.

- Can’t wait! I am working on the decorations in the living room. I will probably be done just in time for dinner.

- Then it’s settled. I will join you in the living room in half an hour.

- Alright, I’ll be waiting!

MC strolled out of the kitchen. V’s gaze followed after her up until she was out of view. He smiled to himself, and went back to cooking.

- Gosh, I’m stuffed. I swear, if I get fat, it will be your fault, V!

- That’s fine with me. Besides, you will still be just as cute.

MC’s face turned red.

- V! – She tried to hide her blushing face, and quickly changed the subject – But, seriously, your cooking skills have improved a lot. I’m proud of you!

- Thank you. I am happy you think so, and I’m glad you enjoyed the food.

- V filled both their glasses with his favorite brand of wine, which he picked up for this very occasion.

- I suggest a toast for the wonderful Christmas we can share together.

- A toast for Christmas! – MC took a sip of her wine, and felt the delicious beverage travel all the way down her throat.

- If it’s okay with you, I would like to give you your gift, MC.

- Oh, alright, and you can have mine afterwards.

- It’s a deal.

V dug in his pocket, and took out a small box. It was wrapped beautifully, and he handed it to MC with a smile. She was careful not to tear the wrapping paper too much.

When she finally managed to unwrap it properly and opened the box, she saw one of the most beautiful hair pins she had ever laid eyes on.

- V…It looks so…beautiful.

- I thought it might suit you, since you have such long and beautiful hair. Do you mind if I put it on for you?

- Not at all.

V positioned the hair pin with utmost care. When he was satisfied with the result, he noticed MC was blushing. Their faces were almost too close to each other.

V’s face was also a bright pink when he encouraged himself to act, and gently took hold of MC’s face in his hands.

She was looking deep in his eyes, so he shortened the remaining distance between them and closed his eyes. Just as he was about to kiss her, she winced away.

- I’m sorry, V…I…I can’t. I am… - she swallowed thickly - I am still in love with Jumin…

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