We don't talk anymore Chapter 12 (Last) Part 2
We don't talk anymore 

Chapter 12 (Last)                  Part 2  main character stories

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Everything between Jumin Han and MC was going smoothly. Until one day she suddenly stopped talking to him. She didn't offer an explanation, nor give any reason at all. It's the day of the RFA party, and Jumin is yet again faced with the inner struggle between wanting to know the truth, and watching her from the distance, afraid of asking all the questions deep inside his heart.

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We don't talk anymore Chapter 12 (Last) Part 2

Jumin put her down, and they both began a search for their abandoned clothing. MC put her dress on, and picked up a pair of panties from her handbag, which lied abandoned on the ground.

Jumin looked at her curiously.

- My mission was a complete success, I can put these on now. – She waved the said panties in front of Jumin, and then slowly slid them up her legs and under the dress.

Jumin paid careful attention to all of her movements, and after she was done, he went and wrapped arms around her body.

- Are you trying to seduce me again, kitten?

- Not at all. And we don’t have time for another round. If we don’t go back to the party, everyone will start getting suspicious.

- In that case, we can always tell them the truth.

- You’re terrible. – A permanent smile was plastered on MC’s lips, and it refused to leave her features. – Come on, let’s go. – MC took Jumin’s hand in hers.

- One more thing. – Jumin pulled her in his embrace. – There is something I must know.

MC loked at him curiously.

- What is that, Jumin?

- Why did you avoid me for so long? Was it only because of that woman, or is there another reason?

- Oh, Jumin… - MC placed a hand on his cheek, and caressed it – At first it was because of her, and the whole engagement thing, but then I spoke with…your father,

who I met outside of your office when I went there to look for you. And since I couldn’t get a hold of you on your phone, I just…I was in a bad shape, I felt hurt and betrayed…

- You spoke with my father? What did he tell you??

- That’s not important anymore. What’s important is that we’re together now. And I think I owe you a big apology. I’m so sorry about all of this…

- No, it’s not your fault. I’m sorry you got caught up in this horrible situation.

– Jumin took MC’s hands in his – I don’t know if what I feel for you can be called love, but there’s something I am certain of. I want to be with you, MC, today, tomorrow, always.

My heart, my whole being needs you. I have never felt this way before, and I want to experience all these new sensations with you.

- Oh, Jumin – MC’s eyes filled with tears of joy – I want to be with you as well. All this time, while I was separated from you, I felt like a part of me was missing.

I fell for you a long time ago, and I want to give you all of the happiness you deserve. I missed you so much…

- I missed you as well, my love – Jumin wrapped MC in his arms once again, and gifted her with a warm kiss.

Once the couple was finally back, the rest of the RFA waved at them. Zen looked at both of them curiously, before moving to MC.

- Welcome back, princess. But, why are you coming back with… - Zen’s words were interrupted by a loud sneeze.

– MC, why do you smell like a cat person?? – Zen moved his gaze to Jumin, and sneezed again.

- Ah, that is, well… - MC stuttered, but Jumin quickly took the situation into his own hands.

- Zen, do I smell beer on your breath? – Jumin asked, and Jaehee trembled in her spot.

- Eh? What do you mean? T-that’s not possible. – Zen tried to look as innocent as possible, but another sneeze broke his composure.

Yoosung and Seven were giggling together, and enjoying the whole situation. The hacker made a “Busted” sign to Zen, which of course he didn’t understand, and looked at him in confusion.

In the meantime V approached MC.

- Well, MC, are you happy?

She smiled; the truth was already written all over her face.

- I couldn’t be happier. Thank you for everything, V. By the way, what happened to your plan?

Before he could answer, her attention was brought to Jumin and Seven’s quarrel.

- Come oooon, Jumin, all I’m asking for is a date with Elly.

- Not in a million years, Luciel.

Both MC and V chuckled at their silly argument.

- You know what, I will tell you some other time.

MC nodded and answered with a simple “Alright”. She looked around at all of her friends. Her gaze then stopped on Jumin, who felt her eyes on him, and also glanced her way.

He smiled in a gentle way, which was only meant for MC. Her heart started beating like crazy, and she thought to herself: “Happy doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel”.

A month later

MC protested as long as she could, but Jumin refused to give up. In the end, she agreed to move into the penthouse, but on one condition.

- MC, that shirt doesn’t fit you at all. Please, allow me to…

- No! I want to use your striped shirt as pajamas, not only tonight but in general, and that’s final! Besides, I think I look quite cute in it.

– MC turned around to study herself in the big mirror.

- Alright, you win. I can’t really say “No” to you.

- Yaaay! – MC did her happy dance, and headed to the kitchen to make herself coffee.

Jumin followed close behind her, and rested his body on the door frame, from where he admired her beauty.

- I am happy your father and I found a common ground after everything. But I’m still nervous about his dinner invitation.

- There is nothing to worry about, my love. We had a very serious talk, and he decided to trust my judgement.

- That’s great, Jumin! Everything is going as smoothly as possible.

MC reached up to one of the high cabinets to grab a cup, which gave Jumin quite a nice view of her panties. He quietly moved behind her, and picked her up in his arms.

- W-wait, Jumin, I don’t want to break the cup!

- That’s alright; I will buy a new one. And, for the record, cute isn’t the word I would use to describe your appearance. Sexy seems to be much more appropriate.

Jumin captured MC’s lips in a deep kiss, and carried her out of the kitchen.

- But, what about coffee??

- I think it can wait a bit. – Jumin winked at MC, and laid her on the bed, where they spent the next hour.

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