We don't talk anymore Chapter 12 (Last) Part 1
We don't talk anymore 

Chapter 12 (Last)                  Part 1 main character stories
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MC loosened up the hug to look in Jumin’s eyes. - Don’t worry, Jumin, we will make sure she gets what she deserves.

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We don't talk anymore Chapter 12 (Last) Part 1

MC loosened up the hug to look in Jumin’s eyes.

- Don’t worry, Jumin, we will make sure she gets what she deserves.

- We?

- Ah, V seems to already have some kind of a plan in motion, but I don’t really know the details, and besides…

- MC, don’t talk about other men in front of me. – Jumin’s previous look was completely replaced by one of hunger and lust.

He caught her face between his thumb and index finger, and brought it closer to his own. He licked his lips, which made her gulp hard, and caught her own in a passionate kiss.

Jumin pressed MC’s body against one of the walls in the corridor they were currently in, and brought their bodies as close together as possible.

A familiar sensation filled MC’s whole being, the desire for the man she loves was stronger than anything she had ever felt. Even so, she tried to think straight.

- Ju-Jumin…wait..Ngh – She was interrupted by a bite on her neck – We c-can’t do this here.

Jumin summoned the little self-control he had left.

- You’re right. We can’t risk for anyone to interrupt us again. Follow me.

Jumin took hold of MC’s hand and led her inside the nearest room, which turned out to be a small dressing room.

Though, what caught MC’s attention were the closed curtains and a number of candles giving the room a gentle glow.

- Jumin…What is this?

- I asked for this room to be specifically prepared for tonight. It’s not nearly as big as my office, but it will do the trick.

- What…How…Why were you so sure we will use it?

- I wasn’t. I’m a businessman, remember? I took my chances.

MC swatted Jumin’s shoulder, and the both of them couldn’t help but giggle.

- Now, kitten, what do you say we get back to business?

- It’s always business with you, isn’t it? – MC raised an eyebrow – And where did “kitten” come from?

- Let’s call it a spur of the moment.

- Fine by me. – MC pulled Jumin by his tie, and was this time the one to initiate a kiss. She licked along the lip she previously bit, which caused Jumin to let out a quiet moan.

- There is a kitten here, which has been very bad, and needs and needs to be given a lesson. – MC purred, and gave Jumin’s neck a gentle bite.

- God, I’ve missed you so much! – Jumin exclaimed, took MC in his arms, and wrapped her legs around his body exactly like the first time.

He took her to the center of the room, and gently placed her body on the wooden surface. MC stood up a bit, and looked at where she was lying.

- Oh, no, you didn’t…

- I actually did. Instead of the memory of a missed opportunity, we can now replace it with a fresh one.

- One that apparently smells like roses. – MC noted, discovering the rose petals scattered all over the desk.

Jumin hovered above MC, and studied her beautiful figure in the dimly lit room.

- Do you have an idea how unbelievably gorgeous you are? I dreamt of having you in my arms for the longest time.

- Then, what are you waiting for? – MC smirked, and Jumin could see a hint of mischief burning in her eyes.

That was his breaking point.

He lied on top of her, and covered her face and neck in hot kisses.

- You are going to be the death of me. But oh, what a sweet death that will be.

One of his hands went down to her leg, and moved all the way up to her thigh, lifting her dress out of the way. He glided his hand up her ass, and gave it a light squeeze.

MC’s quiet mewl encouraged Jumin to continue to explore her body. He ignored the growing arousal in his trousers. Jumin had decided to be as gentle and patient as possible.

He left a trail of small kisses on MC’s collarbone, while his hands travelled up and down her sides. MC didn’t have his level of patience, so she couldn’t help herself.

- Mm, Jumin, stop teasing me, please, and just remove the dress.

Jumin stopped in the middle of his actions, and a small smile played on his lips.

- As you wish, kitten.

Upon completely removing the purple fabric from her body, he couldn’t help but stare at her dumbstruck.

- Your body is even more beautiful than I imagined. – MC blushed hard at his comment – Though, I can’t help but wonder.

That’s a very – Jumin gulped hard at the view of MC’s completely naked body – erotic choice of attire.

- You aren’t the only one who took his chances, Jumin Han. – MC gave him a playful wink.

- The hell with patience!

Jumin locked MC’s lips in a kiss, before his lips moved down to her exposed breast, where he sucked on the nipple until it was hard, and bit it playfully.

His other hand was playing with her other nipple, twisting it in between his fingers. MC moaned in pleasure, her body was moving in rhythm with his touches.

To her surprise, Jumin’s fingers suddenly travelled down her body and between her legs, where he started a series of fondling movements.

MC was already aching for attention, and in her need she rubbed herself against his hand. Jumin let out a satisfied chuckle.

He gently pushed a finger inside of her, which made MC let out a loud moan. It was soon followed by many more, as Jumin started to move that same finger.

- Looks like my kitten is already nice and wet for me.

What Jumin didn’t expect was for MC to move a hand to his pants and give him a light squeeze, which made his whole body shiver.

- Looks like you are already quite hard for me.

With the help of MC, Jumin quickly undressed himself, and held her tight against his body.

- I will make you scream, my dear. – He whispered in her ear.

- Is that a promise? – MC whispered back.

- No, it’s a sure fact.

In one swift movement Jumin was inside her, and she had to bite his shoulder to suppress the sudden whimper from within her throat.

She didn’t expect the stinging sensation of pain, which flowed through her. Jumin felt her body tremble and tense up. He held her gently in his arms, and gave her a few tender kisses.

- Please, bear with me a bit, my dear. I promise you, it will feel good soon.

MC smiled at Jumin, and nodded.

- I trust you.

That’s all he needed to hear.

Unknown to MC (See what I did there :D) was the fact his hand had already sneaked between their bodies and the second she gave her consent,

Jumin’s finger pressed against the pink bundle of nerves, and began to circle around it.

MC’s body twitched in surprise, and her mind went completely blank as his finger was drawing multiple moans out of her lips. It was soon joined by another one, and MC thought she might go crazy.

- I read somewhere that this helps. – Jumin spoke up with a raspy voice. It was more than obvious he was reaching his limit, so MC did her best to collect her breathing and answer him.

- Just what kind of weird books do you read? – She tried, and failed miserably at sounding like she was scolding him – But, yes, you are completely right.

It feels much better now, and I want to make you feel good as well. So – MC wrapped and locked her legs around Jumin’s waist, and moved her lower body up and down in a slow, but steady rhythm.

All of the previous discomfort was gone, and she could feel a wave of pleasure fill her up as Jumin’s length reached deep inside of her.

He could only let out breathy moans and watch her in amazement. Jumin decided to let MC take the lead for now.

While she did he held her in a tight embrace, and kept their lips busy with many kisses. As a result, he soon felt his lower lip go numb, but didn’t care.

Jumin couldn’t get enough of this wonderful woman, who was now completely his. After a bit he released her lips, only to whisper in her ear.

- Remember I told you I’ll make you scream?

He didn’t wait for a reply, and what followed next was a literal scream from MC when Jumin pushed inside of her with one deep thrust.

He kept repeating the same movement many more times, which made her melt from the intensity of the sensation. Shortly, Jumin’s movements got much faster.

He thought he might go crazy from how good MC felt. Similar thoughts were going through her mind as well, as empty as it currently was.

Both of their moans could be heard clearly, in case someone decided to pass through this exact corridor. MC kept biting her lips to suppress some of the louder moans.

- Don’t bite those beautiful lips. – Jumin kissed her passionately, swirling his tongue along with hers – I want to hear everything, every little noise you make.

- Mmm, Jumin, but what If someone hears us?

- Even better. Then the whole world will know who makes you feel this way. – Jumin winked at her mischievously.

- In that case, let me make it clear. – MC began to repeat Jumin’s name in between moans. If it was possible to be even more turned on that he already was, her actions definitely did the trick.

- MC, I don’t think I can last much longer. – Jumin whispered, his breath was hot against the skin of her neck, which he was kissing gently.

- That’s alright, my love, you don’t need to hold back. – MC snaked her arms behind Jumin’s back and squeezed his firm ass playfully.

- Such a naughty girl. – Jumin smirked, to which MC answered with a gentle bite along his ear.

Jumin closed his eyes, and kept up with his thrusts, until his pleasure caught up with him. He pulled out of her, and in a matter of seconds her stomach was painted with a warm white fluid.

Once Jumin came down from his high, he proceeded to clean MC up.

- But, my dear, I’m the only one who climaxed.

- Don’t worry about it, Jumin. It felt amazing, and that’s all that matters.

MC asked for his help getting up, since her back hurt from lying on top of the desk for so long. Jumin used the opportunity to pick her up bridal style, to which she giggled.

- You don’t need to carry me around, you know?

- I beg to differ; I quite enjoy carrying you in my arms.

- But we both need to get dressed.

- I beg to differ; I quite enjoy us being naked like this.

- Oh, stop it. – MC pinched his cheek playfully, and gave his lips a gentle peck.

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