We don't talk anymore Chapter 11
We don't talk anymore 

Chapter 11 main character stories

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Everything between Jumin Han and MC was going smoothly. Until one day she suddenly stopped talking to him. She didn't offer an explanation, nor give any reason at all. It's the day of the RFA party, and Jumin is yet again faced with the inner struggle between wanting to know the truth, and watching her from the distance, afraid of asking all the questions deep inside his heart.

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We don't talk anymore Chapter 11

- You signed WHAT?!? – Glam Choi’s shout could be heard from everyone in the coffee shop.

- I’m sorry, sister…I had no choice… - unlike her, Sarah Choi could only mumble under her breath, as she felt embarrassed and ashamed.

- You DID have a choice. I told you those photos would get you in trouble, didn’t I?!? Tsk, such a stupid girl!

- I’m…sorry…

- Apologizing won’t get you Jumin Han! This was the best possible opportunity for you. I’m afraid you’re not good enough for the high-class elite after all.

Glam Choi proceeded to get up and collect her belongings.

- From now on, you’re on your own. I did all I could to help you.

- But, sister…

- Don’t bother. I won’t change my mind.

Glam Choi left her upset sister all alone in the coffee shop.

- God damn it! All of this is that girl’s fault! – Sarah cursed out loud, which was followed by a bunch of angry tears that fell on the table.

After Glam Choi left the coffee shop, her first stop was the Chairman’s office at C & R.

She knocked on the door, and entered after he informed her to do so.

The Chairman looked up from his desk.

- Oh, Glam, just the person I wanted to speak to.

He stood up, and made a few steps towards her. His expression was serious, something unusual in her presence.

She suddenly felt uneasy, and silently prayed it’s only her imagination playing tricks on her. [Un]fortunately, she was wrong.

- You wanted to talk to me, darling? – She decided to use her sweet and flirty voice, just in case he was upset about something minor. It already worked perfectly in many previous cases.

- Yes, that’s right. I have something to discuss with you, and it concerns both of us.

- Oh? I hope it’s not something serious. – A fake smile, and an attempt to make skin contact by rubbing her finger in circles around the Chairman’s arm.

Her gesture was quickly halted when he pushed her hand away. His actions weren’t rough, but enough for Glam to get the idea. That’s when she knew she screwed up big time.

Glam Choi stood in complete silence, afraid to utter a single word. The Chairman went back to his desk, and took something, which stood on top of it.

He walked back to Glam, and placed it in her hand.

- Would you mind telling me who this is?

What she now held in her hand was a photo of a man, who was about the same age as the Chairman himself.

The shock of the whole situation hit her in full force, and she did the first thing that came to her mind – Deny everything.

- I-I-I don’t know this man, darling. Who is he?

- Oh, is that so? Because I spoke to him on the phone earlier. He told me a very interesting story about a young woman, who swore she loved him.

He married her, and to prove how much he loves her he helped with her sister’s money related problems by financing her company. “Sugar Round”, yes, that was the name.

Doesn’t it sound familiar, Glam?

– At that question, Glam Choi could only stare at him helplessly, so the Chairman continued - After he took care of both of them for quite a while, one day the young woman asked for a divorce,

claiming she doesn’t love him anymore, and left the country with her sister. A year later they both came back to Korea, in search of the next businessman who could satisfy their financial needs.

That’s when you and me met, Glam. Or maybe I should call you by one of the fake names, you used for every single one of your scams.

- I…I can explain! I never loved any of those men, I only love you. Please, believe me.

- I should have listened to my son. He warned me about you, but I refused to pay attention to his attempts to stop me from making a foolish mistake. I want you to disappear from my sight.

I don’t wish to ever see you again for the rest of my life, is that clear?

- You…can’t do this to me!

- Guards, escort her outside of the building.

Glam Choi tried to struggle, but she was soon taken by the bodyguards and left in front of C & R with the warning to never step a foot inside.

When she left his office, the Chairman used the opportunity to call someone.

- Hello, Miss Kang. Excuse me for bothering you during the RFA party, but I felt the need to thank you for all of your hard work.

Thanks to the information you gathered, I was able to prevent a very unpleasant situation from happening. I will make sure to speak with my son, and reward you accordingly. Please, I insist.

- This…can’t be happening…

Glam Choi quickly took her phone out of her handbag, and dialed her sister’s number.

- Dear sister, I need your help! You see, Chairman Han…

But she was interrupted by Sarah Choi’s quick reply.

- From now on, you’re on your own.

She hung up, and Glam Choi could only stare at her phone in disbelief, before she threw it to the ground in anger.

- Jumin Han, let go of me this instant! – MC was still struggling, with no possible way to escape Jumin’s strong grip.

- And if I refuse to do so?

- Then I will…I will scream!

- Oh, really? Let’s see you try.

MC opened her mouth, and was just about to scream as loud as possible, when she felt a pair of lips on her own.

Her heart raced from the familiar and nostalgic feeling, but before allowing herself to completely melt in his kiss, she quickly took control of her body.

MC bit Jumin’s lip, and he winced in pain, moving away from her. He placed a finger on his aching lip, and wiped the blood away, looking at her in disbelief.

- How dare you…. – MC was shaking in anger.

- I don’t see anything wrong in kissing the woman I love. – Jumin answered in a completely calm manner.

- Are you seriously going to play dumb?? – MC’s blood was practically boiling. All of the hurt she experienced was emerging on the surface.

- I don’t understand what you mean.

- Don’t play games with me, Jumin Han. Go back to your fiancé. I am sure she misses you.

MC made an attempt to walk away, but was quickly stopped by Jumin who grabbed her hand.

- What are you talking about? I don’t have a fiancé. But since we’re on the subject, are you trying to run away from me, so you can go to your beloved V?

- Wh-at…Did you hit your head, or something?? There is nothing between me and V!

- It didn’t seem like that while you were flirting with him.

- You have gone crazy. Yes, that must be it. You have completely lost your mind. And don’t even try to deny the fact you’re in a relationship with Sarah Choi.

“That horrible name again”, Jumin thought to himself, and flinched visibly.

- Are you even listening to yourself right now?? – His voice was now much louder, and he sounded just as pissed off as her. – That displeasing woman spread a bunch of lies, that’s all.

- Oh, really? Was this a lie as well?

MC took her phone out, and showed Jumin the photos of him and Sarah Choi. He felt like throwing up.

- MC…What is this? – Jumin seemed to be completely baffled.

- You tell me! – She tried to sound angry, but his look of genuine confusion made her think twice about the whole situation.

First V’s suspicion, and now Jumin’s look, which combined both surprise and horror. She tried to calm herself down, and spoke up.

- Were you…not aware of these photos?

- Of course I wasn’t! How did this even…

“Wait…When she was in my penthouse…She offered to have a drink with me…Oh, dear God!

” – When the realization finally hit Jumin, he looked so horror-stricken and helpless, that MC couldn’t help herself. She wrapped her arms around him, and enveloped him in a tight embrace.

She took turns in petting both his back and head, repeating “It’s alright” over and over again.

After her warmth finally chased the initial shock away from his body, he also wrapped arms around her. How he missed the scent and touch of this wonderful woman.

It was all he needed to feel complete.

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