We don't talk anymore Chapter 10 Part 1
We don't talk anymore 

Chapter 10                               Part 1 main character stories

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Everything between Jumin Han and MC was going smoothly. Until one day she suddenly stopped talking to him. She didn't offer an explanation, nor give any reason at all. It's the day of the RFA party, and Jumin is yet again faced with the inner struggle between wanting to know the truth, and watching her from the distance, afraid of asking all the questions deep inside his heart.

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We don't talk anymore Chapter 10 Part 1

- Have you made the necessary preparations for our mission?

- Affirmative! How about your part?

- You can count on me! Ready for action, agent 707?

- Always ready, agent Shooting Star★!

- Let’s do this!

- It’s finally the day of the RFA party, huh? – Jumin was fixing his tie, and studying his reflection in the mirror.

He grimaced upon noticing the dark circles under his eyes. He was used to sleeping short hours during the night, but lately his sleepless nights have been one too many.

He pressed the speed dial on his phone.

- Assistant Kang, I will come pick you up in 20 minutes. Make sure to be ready until then.

Jumin ended the call, put his suit jacket on, took one last look in the mirror, and headed for the door.

Jaehee had just positioned herself outside the door, and was ready to greet all the guests that would arrive, when she noticed a familiar handsome figure approach her.

- Zen, you look spectacular as always!

- Hello, Jaehee. Thank you! And you look as lovely as ever.

Jaehee of course turned bright red, especially when Zen as the gentleman he was took her hand, placed a kiss on it and winked at her. She could only let out an embarrassed giggle.

- Zen, keep your hormones in check. The guests will be coming shortly. – Jumin approached the both of them.

- Oh, if it isn’t the life of the party. Hey there, trustfund kid.

Jumin paid little to no attention to the actor, and instead turned to Jaehee.

- Yes, Sir, all of our preparations are immaculate, and the guests will be taken care of perfectly. Everyone is in their places; we are only waiting for V and MC to arrive.

He called a minute ago to announce their recent arrival. – Jaehee recited everything in a well-trained manner, even before Jumin could ask his question.

Zen smirked, and sent a challenging look Jumin’s way.

- You don’t deserve her. You know that, right?

- Your hair is a mess, Zen.

- What?!? – He, of course, totally fell for Jumin’s bluff, and started to panic and look for a mirror.

By the time Jaehee had managed to calm Zen down, and assure him his hair was perfectly fine, Jumin had already gone to the other side of the spacious hall,

and was helping himself to a glass of wine. Right at that moment he noticed MC and V be greeted by Jaehee. MC had her arm wrapped around V’s, and they were both in an obviously good mood.

Jumin’s insides were literally on fire as he watched the two of them take their own places. They remained in each other’s company, and continued their small talk and giggles.

- This is going to be a very long night... – Jumin rubbed his temples, and tried to calm his nerves down.

The guests started to arrive one by one, but he didn’t pay attention to any of them. His gaze was glued on MC and his best friend.

Present Time

MC was literally dancing all over Jumin’s patience, as she and V moved around the dance floor.

- Whose stupid idea was to include dances in this year’s party entertainment plan anyway? – At this point Jumin was already a ball of nerves.

He felt like he couldn’t take anymore, so he finished yet another glass of wine, and walked a straight line through the guests, stopping right in front of the “couple”.

- So that’s where you’ve been hiding, Jumin.

- Hello, V. Excuse me, but I need to have a word with MC. I hope you don’t mind.

Jumin didn’t wait for an answer, as he grabbed MC’s arm and dragged her away.

- Hey! L-let me go! – She struggled to escape his grasp, barely able to follow his quick footsteps with her high heels.

Jumin wasn’t even paying attention to her attempts to get away. A lot of things were already going on in his mind, and he had to find answers before he completely loses it.

After Jumin and MC left the party hall, V noticed a certain female figure be greeted at the door by Jaehee.

“Right on time”, V thought to himself and made a sign to Saeyoung and Yoosung.

- Can I help you with something? – V turned his attention to Sarah Choi, who was looking around, obviously searching for someone.

- I am looking for Jumin Han.

- Ah, you must be Sarah Choi. We spoke on the phone, remember? I’m the one who invited you to the party.

- Oh, yes, that’s true. Thank you for the invitation. – Sarah sent one of her well trained smiles V’s way.

- Jumin is expecting you. He asked us to accompany you to him, and since I can’t leave the guests alone, I have asked two of our hosts to take you to him.

Luciel, Yoosung, please take our guest to where Jumin is. – He made a gesture to the approaching duo.

- Please, follow us, Miss. – Yoosung bowed slightly and smiled at Sarah.

- Oh, yes, alright, thank you. – Sarah had a confused look on her face, but followed after them.

“This charity organization sure is filled with handsome men. They even have a beautiful actor. Too bad none of them are as rich as Jumin” – Sarah thought to herself.

Saeyoung and Yoosung exchanged glances, and led her through one of the corridors. V waited a bit, and then followed after them, before turning down a different corridor.

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