My hero Chapter 9
                                                    My hero 

Chapter 9 my hero stories

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Warning: This chapter is very graphic. Read at your own discretion.

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My hero Chapter 9

- Woah! Captain Levi is amazing!

I hear a girl’s voice a little ahead of me. She is too focused on what the Captain is doing, and as a result doesn’t even notice the titan approaching behind her.

“You idiot!” – I think to myself, and move towards her quickly.

She finally turns around, and screams upon seeing the titan about to grab her from the rooftop she’s on.

I’ve moved close enough so I hook myself to its nape, use as much speed as I can manage while diving down, and slice a big chunk from the back of its neck.

The cut is deep, and my whole body ends up being covered in titan blood.

“Damn, this is disgusting”.

I hold back from vomiting. The girl is on the verge of tears.

- Thank…you so much!

I look at her. The titan blood has started to evaporate.

- Next time you might not be so lucky. If you don’t want to die, get a grip and focus on the mission!

- Y-yes!

And now she’s actually crying. Good grief. She suddenly seizes her sobbing, and looks extremely terrified.

- What the…

I follow her gaze, and barely manage to jump away before a titan can smash its fist against me. As a result, it makes a big hole in the roof.

The sudden impact causes the girl to lose balance, and fall down.

“Was that…an abnormal??” – The thought runs through my mind.

I quickly make use of the grapple hooks before my body hits the ground, and hurry back to her. But what I see in front of me paralyzes my body.

Another titan has made its way here as well, while the previous one holds the girl tight in its hand. She’s kicking and struggling, screaming for help. I pray to make it on time.

But I’m too late. I successfully cut down the titan, but the girl is already dead, her body severed in half. The other one manages to grab me, and brings me closer to its mouth.

Its huge lips are stretched out in a smile. The irony.

- Not like this…God damn it, not now! Not like this!

I close my eyes, and in the next few seconds it feels like time has slowed down. I hear the distinct sound of a blade cutting through skin, and the titan hand around me loosens its grip.

I start to fall down, and a pair of arms catch me just in time.

- Shortie, are you alright??

My body is overtaken by panic, and I fail to answer him.

It is only when we make it to a safer place, and he lets go of me, that I can’t hold it in any longer and throw up, coughing hard, my eyes glazed with tears.

I’m angry, I’m extremely angry at myself for being so weak. Jean pets my hair softly, and pulls me in a gentle embrace.

- It’s alright, everything is fine now.

- Why…why is everyone dying like this?

The scene unfolding in front of Eren was nothing less than gruesome. No, this was nothing like what he expected.

They were supposed to be victorious - kill all the titans and make it back safe and proud of themselves. That was simply wishful thinking on his part, nothing more than pure naivety.

He clenched his hands in fists, and ended up doing the exact same thing Captain Levi warned them against – he acted rashly, overtaken by his emotions.

- I will… KILL THEM ALL!

Commander Erwin Smith was keeping watch of the mission on top of Wall Rose. He was barely able to keep still.

He detested this role – staying behind and observing, instead of being part of the actual fight.

When did he stop fighting, and began to only lead missions as a Commander? He used to be fine with this, but not anymore.

Erwin remembered Levi’s words clearly, and he did plan on listening to him, but when he caught a glimpse of Desi being captured by a titan and almost facing her death, that was it for him.

- I can no longer just sit and watch. I need to fight with everyone else!

And with that, he jumped down the wall and took off, maneuvering around the houses.

- Let’s see if I’ve lost my touch.

Eren was lying on top of one of the houses. While he was in the air, an abnormal titan had jumped out of nowhere and bitten his leg off.

He was trying to get up, and was summoning all of his will to do so. And then he saw him. Armin was shaking in fear, about to be devoured by a titan.

- No…No, Armin, run away…ARMIN!

Me and Jean take care of the titans around us, and leave in search of the rest of the Survey Corps. I am feeling a bit better, even if I'm still pretty shaken up.

Nonetheless, I know I have to keep going and overcome myself, in order to become stronger. I kind of understand Captain Levi a bit more now.

It’s no wonder he keeps such a straight face all the time, and seems like he’s completely heartless, even if that isn’t true at all.

That’s how he is able to keep going, and face all the horrors of our world. No wonder he’s Humanity’s Strongest.

Suddenly, both I and Jean exclaim in a loud voice.


I use more gas than usually to move faster, in an attempt to get to him as quickly as possible. The titan opens his mouth and drops Armin inside.

- No, no, no, not again!

- Desi, watch out!

Jean pushes me away, and I end up on top of the house on my left.

I somehow manage to land on my feet, and I see Jean make a swift maneuver to escape the clutches of a titan that apparently followed us from behind.

I quickly move my gaze back to Armin, and see him being thrown out of the titan’s mouth by Eren, who is now in his place. In a matter of seconds the titan closes its mouth and swallows him.

- Wh…at…

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