My Hero Chapter 41 Part 2
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Chapter 41                               Part 2  my hero stories

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- Eren Yaeger, you can speak first. Everyone's gazes move to Eren, but he's not saying a word. I study his expression - it looks like he's very sick of this whole thing. After a bit he finally speaks.

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My Hero Chapter 41 Part 2

- Eren Yaeger, you can speak first.

Everyone's gazes move to Eren, but he's not saying a word. I study his expression - it looks like he's very sick of this whole thing. After a bit he finally speaks.

- Why can't you just leave everything to us...? If you are going to kill us, then just do it already! What is with this ridiculous trial?!

"Oh, Eren, no, don't do this..."

As I expected, just before Eren can feel the wrath of all the people in the room, Captain Levi grants him with another strong kick against his stomach, which leaves him breathless.

- Wasn't my earlier beating enough for you? I guess you still have a lot to learn, damn brat.

Premier Zachary Dhalis looks visibly annoyed.

- Umm, excuse me, Premier, may I say a few words?

- Yes, go on, Desi.

- In Eren's defense, it's not easy to be put in our position. Anyone in this room would have felt devastated, if they were treated like a monster.

I understand how this looks, but despite our...ability, we are still people, and we still hold the same ideals as before. We want to help retake Wall Maria, and restore peace to humanity.

I'm just a mere soldier, but even I can see the big list of possibilities. After all these years of oppression humanity can finally have the upper hand against Titans.

Isn't that enough of a reason to throw away any prejudices and work together for that common goal? I...

have no idea why this happened to me, and neither does Eren, but what point will it all have, if we don't put it to good use?

I became a soldier to serve humanity and fight for its freedom, and that's precisely what I'll keep doing - today, tomorrow, for as long as I need to.

All kinds of whispers travel throughout the court room, both positive and negative. I try to remain as calm as possible, but inside I'm terribly anxious.

Commander Smith, who has been quiet so far, addresses the Premier.

- If I may speak, Sir.

- Yes, of course.

- I apologize for any inconvenience I might have brought upon the citizens of Wall Rose.

The Commander bows down slightly.

- But, I figured this was a necessary risk against a possible crisis in the future. I believe in all of my soldiers, just as I always have, and this situation is no different.

I've said it before when Eren's ability was revealed, and I'll say it again.

The chance we were given is nothing less than a miracle, and with precise planning on our part, we can achieve great results.

I won't ask all of you here to trust Desi and Eren, instead I have a proposition to make. Allow us to execute an expedition inside Shiganshina District.

I gulp hard. Once more the room fills up with people whispering among themselves.

- The point of the said expedition will be to kill all Titans which reside there, and use Eren and Desi to finally plug the hole in the gate and return Wall Maria to humanity once more.

Both I and Eren wear a shocked expression on our faces. How are we supposed to achieve that??

- I know my idea may seem crazy, but I truly believe we can make it work, and I ask of you all to give us a chance to prove it.

The whole court room goes quiet. The Commander's gaze is unwavering, his blue eyes holding their usual sense of great confidence and duty.

After what feels like painfully long couple of minutes, Premier Zachary Dhalis is finally ready to say something.

- You are full of surprises, Commander Smith. I shouldn't expect any less from you. What you're suggesting is a very admirable goal, and also a very dangerous one.

Do you really believe in its success?

- Yes, Sir!

- In that case, I have no objections against it. I've heard enough to make my final decision.

But, before I do, does anyone in this room have any issue with Eren Yaeger and Desi being left in the care of the Survey Corps?

His question is followed by silence.

- Does everyone agree to the suggested plan for taking Wall Maria back?

Commander Nile Dok, Commander Pixis Dot, Captain Levi and even some of the people in the back all answered with a simple "Yes".

- In that case, it's decided. Erwin Smith will not lose his position, and will remain a Commander of the Survey Corps.

Desi and Eren Yaeger will remain a part of the Survey Corps, and until the end of the said mission, their actions will be observed very carefully.

In case of a successful mission, they will be granted the complete trust of everyone in the military, and any ill treatment towards them will be punishable. Case closed.

I'm relieved, but also very worried about what's to come next. I meet Erwin's eyes, and smile a bit. We are finally freed from our confines. I rub my aching hands.

Mikasa moves to us, and hugs Eren tight. Everyone in the court room slowly makes it outside, until only the members of the Survey Corps remain.

Before I can say anything to the Commander, Jean pinches my cheek.

- Hey, that hurts!

- Such a troublemaker you are, Shortie. I was worried, you know!

Ah, he's using his overprotective brother voice, so typical of him. I pretend to pout, and answer him.

- Who asked you to be worried anyway? I'm a big girl, you know!

- Eh, I wouldn't use the word "big" for your tiny body.

- Leave my body out of it!

I pretend to punch Jean in the shoulder. Fooling around with him feels the best.

- Come on Shortie, you have a lot of explaining to do, so let's go get some fresh air first.

I feel the Commander's gaze on me, and turn around. Ah, maybe I shouldn't do this in front of him.

- Commander...

- It's alright, Desi. You can go. We'll talk later.

- Yes, Sir.

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