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- What in the world is going on here?! Nile Dok arrived just as the two Titans were in the middle of their fight.

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My Hero Chapter 38

- What in the world is going on here?!

Nile Dok arrived just as the two Titans were in the middle of their fight.

- Ah, Commander!

Marlo saluted him, and began to explain the situation.

- The blonde titan is a traitor. We need to capture her. The other titan is on our side.

- Why do we even have this many titans inside Wall Rose?? This is unacceptable. After today, all of us will have to answer in court. That damned Erwin, and his devilish schemes!

- But, Sir, this is an important matter. Traitors shouldn't be allowed to exist among us.

- I realize this much, but that's not the way the higher-ups will look at the situation. And neither will the citizens. In their eyes, we are playing cat and mouse and destroying property.

We, the Military Police, are supposed to serve and protect the king, not run around after a bunch of crazy titans. Geez, this is going to end badly.

He looked at the fighting titans once more.

- Do we know their identities? - He asked Marlo.

- I only know the one with the strange skin. She's from the Survey Corps, and her name is Desi. We still don't know who the traitor is.

- Desi? Isn't that the same girl, who was recently kidnapped along with Eren Yaeger?

- Yes, that's the one.

- Hmm, I see.

- Damn it, Annie! You may be fast, but I've got more stamina than you!

The Female Titan can't keep up. She has to balance between the Survey Corps' constant attacks and my own, which are getting better since I've gotten the hang of it.

I seem to be overexcited, because I don't even realize how I manage to harden my skin just before my fist collides with the Female Titan, which sends her body flying ahead.

I study the shining hard skin on my arm.

- Wow, sweet!

I can tell she's awfully close to complete exhaustion, and I can taste the approaching victory.

But it's too early to celebrate, because in a desperate moment the Female Titan lets out a high-pitched cry. Damn, that even hurts my ears. She proceeds to run away once more.

- You are only postponing the inevitable, Annie.

I run after her. Next to me I hear Captain Levi, who orders the Survey Corps to keep following us.

Just as I'm about to reach the Female Titan, it suddenly turns around and sends a flying kick right at my head.

I can't move away on time, and that's the last thing on my mind, before I lose consciousness.

- Captain, I can see Desi's body, it's out of the titan's neck!

Mikasa pointed out, and Captain Levi quickly gave orders.

- Don't let the Female Titan get her hands on Desi! Distract her, and I'll finish her!

- Yes, Sir!

Jean quickly swooped down towards Desi, and proceeded to cut her away from the nape of the titan's neck.

The rest attacked the Female Titan in full force, providing Captain Levi with enough time to quickly take care of her limbs one by one.

- It's time to come out of your hiding place!

He descended towards her neck and cut a thin slice, enough to uncover the person inside.

- Annie...

Eren noticed the tears, rolling down from Annie's eyes. In the next moment a blinding blue light emanated from her body, and it was enveloped in a thick transparent crystal block.

Captain Levi studied the crystal, and cussed under his breath.

- Things just keep getting better and better.

He turned his attention to his soldiers.

- Is everyone alright?

- Yes, Sir, we don't have any casualties. - Armin reported.

- Good, at least that's good news.

- Aww, I missed the whole thing!!

Hanji landed next to Levi, and was about to keep whining when she saw the crystal block.

- How did this happen?

- How am I supposed to know that, four eyes? She did it herself.

- Hmm. Moblit, come and help me. We'll need to transport her underground.

- Yes, Hanji-san!

- Tsk, I couldn't even use my new trap, such a shame.

- Yes, it's a catastrophe.

Captain Levi answered with a snide comment, and made his way to the Scouts.

- Come on, kiddos. Time to go back for the day. Our work here is done.

Then his gaze moved to Jean, who was carrying the unconscious Desi in his arms.

- Is she alright?

- Ah, yes, Captain, she's breathing. I think she just passed out, same as Eren the first time.

- Good. Come on, let's all get some rest.

- Not so fast, Captain.

- Hmm?

Nile Dok was standing in front of Captain Levi.

- I'm afraid I will need to take this girl myself. She and Eren Yaeger will be put in a cell, until we decide how to deal with them.

- I am not giving you Desi!

Jean quickly protested.

- Eren is not going anywhere!

Mikasa joined in.

- Perhaps I didn't make myself clear. This is an order, and if you don't want me to put you in jail along with them, you will follow it!

- I'd rather go to jail! - Mikasa answered.

- Same here! - So did Jean.

- Oi, oi, you two. Easy there. Hand over Desi and Eren.

- But, Sir! - Both Mikasa and Jean protested at the same time.

- Listen to what I tell you, and trust my judgment, alright?

Captain Levi turned his attention back to Nile Dok.

- You can have the brats, but tell me something. Where's Erwin?

- He's in the same place they'll be going.

Captain Levi's expression changed a couple of times, before he answered.

- Tch, what are you trying to do? Put an end to the Survey Corps? If we're not around who will save your ass from the titans?

- I suggest you keep your thoughts to yourself, Captain. Come on, hand over the prisoners.

- Eren...

- Everything will be fine, Mikasa.

- Hey, Eren, I leave Desi in your care. Make sure nothing happens to her.

- Don't worry, horse-f...Jean.

Eren took Desi from Jean's arms, and walked ahead of Nile Dok, who followed close after him. After they were out of sight, everyone swarmed around the Captain.

- Captain Levi, what do you think will happen now?

Armin was the one to ask.

- I honestly have no clue. This was bound to happen sooner or later. Those pigs from the higher-ups won't just sit and watch while titans roam around freely inside their precious walls.

For better or for worse, things will be settled in court, and we will be there and do our best to prove the innocence of all three of them.

Although, knowing Erwin, he's probably already devising a plan in his head. Let's go and get some rest. We have a big day ahead of us.

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