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Chapter 36 my hero stories

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- Hey, Marlo, did you hear? - Hear what, Hitch?

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My Hero Chapter 36

- Hey, Marlo, did you hear?

- Hear what, Hitch?

- About the titan shifters. It seems to be the hot topic amongst the Survey Corps.

According to them, those guys Reiner and Bert something are locked underground, and are an object of torture, and all kinds of different experiments.

- Are you serious??

Halfway through their talk Annie Leonhard stopped what she was doing, and listened intently.

"This can't be true. Both Reiner and Bertolt were defeated? How is that possible? Even with Captain Levi's talent, he can't defeat both of them at once."

Hitch noticed Annie.

- Ah, if it isn't our dear Annie.

- Is any of what you just said true?

- Oh, well isn't this interesting? Do you actually care about someone other than yourself? You're full of surprises.

Annie looked at Hitch with her typical disinterested expression.

- Not really. You and Marlo were too loud, there's no way I could ignore you.

With that Annie walked away from the both of them.

- Tsk, she's damn annoying. Always thinks she's better than everyone else.

- That's just how she is. Come on, let's finish up here.

Mikasa and Eren were working together on one of the supply bases. Although, to be fair, it was mostly Mikasa carrying around the heavier stuff, since she was much stronger than him.

She wiped the sweat from her forehead.

- I'm done here. How about you, Eren?

- Almost done.

- Are you alright? You don't look very good.

- I'm fine. I'm just...thinking about stuff.

- Does that stuff have a name? Don't tell me you still have doubts about this mission.

- Of course I do! Damn! I'm just having a tough time believing it...

- I wasn't there with you when you got kidnapped, but you didn't seem to be this shaken up when you discovered Reiner and Bertolt's true identities. Why is it different this time?

- I...don't know, okay?! I don't know what to tell you...

Both of them fell silent. Mikasa was afraid of what Eren wasn't telling her. She didn't want to believe he might actually feel something more towards Annie. No...nothing will happen.

After Annie shows her true colors to Eren, that will be the end for him, and he will hate her just like he hates all other titans. Or at least that's what she hoped.

"I won't let anyone take Eren away from me!" Mikasa swore to herself.

- Ahh, this sure is tough work.

I stretch a bit. My body feels tired after working non-stop for the last couple of hours.

- Are you done on your side, Shortie?

- Yes, Jean. Do you want me to give you a hand?

- No, I'm almost done myself. Take a short break.

- Thank you!

I look up at the sky. It's already late afternoon. Most of the supply bases are already set, but our main mission doesn't seem to be showing any results.

Everyone did their best to spread the rumor around, and yet it doesn't seem like Annie cares at all. Maybe I was wrong...The thought alone makes me shiver nervously.

The Commander trusted my judgment completely, and if it was all for nothing...A familiar sound takes me away from the self-torture. It's Annie! She makes her way to us.

- Annie? Is everything alright?

- Of course. You seem surprised. Do I need a special reason to talk to my former fellow cadets?

- No, of course not! I just didn't expect you to show up.

- Is that so?

I am having a hard time decrypting Annie's expression, but I feel uneasy.

- I thought you'd at least expect to see me, after you all tried so hard to make me believe a stupid rumor.

Next to me Jean seizes his actions, and turns to look at Annie.

- I'm not really sure what rumor you're talking about.

- Don't lie to me, Desi! Tell me, was it your idea? I wouldn't be surprised. I told Reiner you're bad news, but he refused to listen. He should have never kidnapped you.

I am horribly nervous, even scared, but I try not to show it.

- You are the Female Titan, aren't you?

- And what if I am? What will you do about it? A useless girl like you, who can't do anything without her precious Commander. I should have killed you when I had the chance!

I only smile in response. Annie looks confused.


I shout, and everyone else from the former 104th squad jumps out of their hiding places, and in no time Annie is immobilized and silenced. I walk up to her.

- How's it like to be in this position? Do you know how I felt when I watched you helplessly as you murdered all those Scouts?

I still wish things weren't this way, though, but none of us can go back.

Annie watches me with deep hatred in her eyes, which is perfectly understandable. But something else catches my eye - something, which flashes on one of her fingers. It looks like a ring...

But I don't have any more time to think about it, because in the next moment the familiar yellow and green energy envelops her.

I don't need to say the words, because everyone quickly moves away from her. Me and Jean follow after. It seems she managed to cut herself. Damn it!

Upon noticing the titan transformation, Captain Levi quickly sped ahead. On his way he saw a few members of the Military Police.

- Hey, all of you, we have a situation. Don't just stand there, and do your job!

After he moved ahead, Hitch quickly complained.

- Is that guy out of his mind?? I am not going anywhere near that place.

- Do as you wish. I will go help them.

With that Marlo left her alone.

- They're all crazy, complete lunatics!

She paced nervously for a bit.

- Oh, for the love of...Wait for me, Marlo!

The situation is a complete chaos. The citizens are running away in a frenzy, and I bet we will be a subject of so much hate after today.

We attempt to attack Annie, but are forced to stay away from her punches. Our plan B, a.k.a Eren, tries to transform into a titan, but it's not working.

Once we are scattered enough, the Female Titan starts to run in the direction of the Wall. What is she even planning to do?

- Come back here, Annie!

I follow after her.

- Desi! Stay away, and let me handle this.

Captain Levi moves next to me.

- I'm sorry, Captain, but I can't follow your order. This situation is my responsibility, and I will see it through.

I hurry ahead. The Female Titan stops right in front of the Wall, and turns around. I stifle my initial surprise, and jump in for an attack.

But I'm not fast enough, and I can see her harden the skin of her arm, the object of my attempted attack.

I quickly switch my target to one of her legs, but when I do so, she changes her posture to one I know painfully well.

I am terrified, completely frightened, but if I retreat now, I won't be able to face myself. I want to prove my worth, so I swallow my fear and put my training in action.

I manage to escape her swift kick, and land a deep cut on her left leg. I move back in just enough distance to execute my next move, but this time I'm not so lucky.

After I escape a sure kick and land on top of one of the houses, she launches her fist at me, and it goes through the roof of the house just as I jump away.

A piece of a broken tile flies in my direction, and cuts along my right eye. I cry out in pain, and hold my hand against the bleeding spot. The vision in my right eye goes completely dark.

I try to look ahead. The Female Titan proceeds to climb the Wall. Captain Levi flies past me, and lands hit after hit on her limbs, until she can no longer hold herself up.

She falls down on the ground with a loud thump. The others gather around me, but I quickly send them away.

- I'm fine, go help Captain Levi.

Jean remains next to me.

- Let me see.

- No...

- Come on, Shortie.

I remove my hand, which is covered in blood, and a wet trail of tears rolls down from my left eye.

- This is it, isn't it? I'm useless now...In the end I couldn't accomplish a damn thing...

- That's not true.

But I don't pay attention to his words.

- I wish...

I look at the Female Titan, which attempts to run away once more. I am filled with both fury and determination.

- I wish I could be stronger!

And then it happens - the last thing I would ever expect, the last thing anyone around me would ever even think about.

A weird sensation envelops my body, as it grows bigger and bigger, until it completely transforms into a Titan. I open my eyes, unable to comprehend the situation.

Wait, my eyes?!? I can see clearly...

- What the hell is going on?!

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