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Erwin Smith had just woken up, and was observing her sleeping face. He couldn’t sleep much, because his mind was full of all kinds of thoughts, and her constant shifting in bed didn’t really help. He thought she might have been having a nightmare.

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My Hero Chapter 13

Erwin Smith had just woken up, and was observing her sleeping face.

He couldn’t sleep much, because his mind was full of all kinds of thoughts, and her constant shifting in bed didn’t really help. He thought she might have been having a nightmare.

He ran a hand through her dark hair. He still couldn’t believe this was the same little girl from back then. He had his doubts before, but now he was certain.

“She changed so much”, he thought and then laughed at how silly that sounds. “But, of course she did, she’s a young woman now.

The only thing that still remains the same is her green eyes, which seem to never lose the special spark in them.

How did I not see it before? I guess she reminds me of Levi in a way - a stubborn little thing with the heart of a warrior.”

Desi shuffled a bit in her sleep, and began to slowly open her eyes.

- Mmm.

My consciousness is slowly creeping back to me, as I return to reality, and abandon the pleasant dream I was having. It takes me a bit to realize where I am.

As my eyes land on the Commander’s beautiful face so close to me, I nearly jump away in surprise.

- Haha, is my face so scary early in the morning?

At least he finds my reaction amusing.

- NO, no, of course not! I was just a bit startled.

- Come here, my dear.

And he pulls me closer for a kiss. I submerge in the kiss, but suddenly remember something, and pull myself away.

- Damn, I’m going to be late!

And I jump out of bed, nearly stumbling down, since my body has still not woken up completely.

- Captain Levi will kill me!

I quickly start dressing myself. My back is turned to him, but I can feel the Commander’s gaze on me. He is probably watching me in amusement.

In my half panicked state, I don’t hear his footsteps, and a surprised sound escapes my lips when he wraps his arms around me from behind. He buries his face in my hair, and kisses my neck.

- C-Commander, stop it!

- The mark I left on you came out nicely.

And he kisses that same spot once more. Mark? What mark?? When did he…Ohh, that’s right.

- Seriously, Commander, I need to go.

- I won’t let you go, until you address me properly.

- But that’s exactly what I’m doing!

- You know very well what I mean, Desi.

- Fine…Erwin, please, I need to hurry or I will be late.

- Wasn’t so hard now, was it?

But he doesn’t let me go. Instead he turns my body around and kisses me in a way that makes me forget how to breathe.

- Now you can go.

“Damn this man!” I shoot him an annoyed glance, but it’s hard to hide my actual feelings. I run off and practically crash into the person right outside the door. My heart nearly stops.

- Captain…Levi…

- Well, well, well, what do we have here?

- I…I…

There’s practically nothing I can say in my defense. The intimidating look on Captain Levi’s face is scarier than any titan.

Since I show no signs of giving him a response, he is the one who talks instead.

- If I were you, I’d hurry up, unless you want to hear more rumors about yourself.

- Y-yes, yes, Sir!

- So? What will YOU say for yourself? I expect to actually hear an answer this time.

- Good morning, Levi.

- That’s not an answer.

- No, it’s a greeting.

- Wipe that smirk off of your face, Old man.

- I’m sorry, that’s impossible at this point.

- Tch, you’ve lost it completely. Well, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

- Was there a reason behind your early visit, Levi?

- Hanji was looking for you.

- Hanji? Why?

- Beats me what that four-eyed freak wants. I told you, so my part in this is over. She’s your problem now.

Captain Levi walked away with quick steps. The Commander began to prepare himself for the day. He washed up, combed his hair to perfection and took down the uniform that was waiting for him.

What happened last night was going through his mind.

- Levi is right, I need to focus.

And when he fixed his uniform, and looked at himself in the mirror, he had his usual impenetrable expression back.

Once I join the rest of the Survey Corps for breakfast, Jean only looks at me and points at the spot next to him. I sit down nervously.

I don’t know if I should say something, or just eat my breakfast quietly. I decide on a safe topic.

- Jean, I still haven’t had the chance to thank you for yesterday. I don’t even know how to thank you properly, to be honest.

- It was no big deal; I did what I had to do.

Yes, I deserve the coldness in his voice.

- Well, it is a big deal for me.

- Desi, you don’t need to try so hard. I’m fine, really.

- You know, don’t you?

- Not really, but your absence during the night gives the girls a lot to talk about.

“Damn it.”

- How long do you think you can keep this up?

- What do you mean?

- I mean it will sooner or later become an issue for the both of you. And someone in his position is bound to suffer a great deal of pressure and accusations because of such actions.

I don’t know what you’re planning to do, but honestly, I don’t think it’s appropriate, especially with our mission and responsibilities.

- Yes…you’re probably right…

It’s not like I didn’t know all of this already, I just…wanted to forget it for a bit. But Jean’s right, I know that.

Whatever it is that’s going on between us, it most probably isn’t bound to last long. My heart clenches in pain from the thought itself.

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