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Did Eren just…get eaten by that titan…What the hell…What the hell are we even doing?? Becoming titan food one by one…Angry tears are sliding down my face. - For the love of God, Armin! Why are you just sitting there?? Get a grip!! Move and kill the titan, who ate Eren!

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My Hero Chapter 10

Did Eren just…get eaten by that titan…What the hell…What the hell are we even doing?? Becoming titan food one by one…Angry tears are sliding down my face.

- For the love of God, Armin! Why are you just sitting there?? Get a grip!! Move and kill the titan, who ate Eren!

Armin keeps shaking in his spot. He’s totally lost it…Screw this! If he’s not going to do it, I will! But, just as I approach the titan I notice something weird moving around in his body.

In the next second, while I do my best to move away as quickly as possible, the titan literally explodes and blood splashes everywhere around it. Jean moves to my side.

I point my finger towards the steam coming out of the titan’s corpse.

- What…what is that?

Jean also takes a look, and his expression is just as shocked as mine.

- It’s another titan…

The blood-covered titan lets out a loud roar.

- Shortie, we’ve got to get out of here. This one looks dangerous.

- Wait…

- What do you mean wait?!?

- It’s not coming for us…

That’s right. The Titan isn’t making a single step. Instead it just stares intently at something behind us. I turn around, and notice another much smaller titan.

No…it’s not possible…is it? The strange Titan starts to run ahead and in a matter of seconds the smaller titan is no more.

- You’ve got to be kidding me… - Jean mumbles under his breath.

Titans hunting other titans… Since when?

Erwin Smith wiped the sweat from his forehead.

- I need to get back in shape.

He moved away from the titan he just killed.

- Still, not too bad for an old man.

A grin followed that remark.

- Levi will not be happy about this.

- What the hell happened??

Captain Levi approaches us.

- Anyone care to explain?

I somehow find my voice.

- The Titan…the strange Titan, he’s on a rampage and is killing every other titan in his sight.

- Strange Titan?

- He doesn’t attack humans, he attacks and kills titans. I don’t know why. I think he’s killed about 30 at this point. We have been following him for a while now.

- I presume he’s the one who was roaring earlier. I’ve never heard a titan roar before.

- Yes, it was him.

- Where is everyone else?

- Scattered around. Many are dead…We left Armin with Mikasa, and we saw Connie and Sasha not long ago. I have no idea what happened to the rest…

- I see…

- What should we do now, Captain?

- You keep following the Titan. If it’s really an enemy of the other titans, it will at least be helpful to us.

My squad managed to clean up all the titans around the broken gate, but we don’t know when more of them will make their way inside.

Once you’re done with this Strange Titan, as you called it, go back to Erwin. I will go gather the ones who survived, and will bring them back with me, so we can all discuss our next move.

If the Titan appears to be dangerous to you in any way, do not try to fight him, and run away. Is that clear?

- Yes, Sir.

- Good.

And with that Captain Levi leaves me and Jean with our new mission.

- I wonder how long we’ll have to follow after this damn Titan.

Jean protests.

- He’s doing our job for us, isn’t he? So, don’t complain.

- Yeah, you’re right. But I still don’t understand any of this.

- Same here. But I think its appearance is the biggest mystery. How can a titan be inside of another titan’s body, when they only eat humans? And a titan of this size, nonetheless.

- Beats me. There are still many things we don’t know about titans.

- Oh, the Strange Titan stopped!

As the words leave my lips, the titan collapses on the ground and smoke starts to envelop it.

- Damn, I can’t see a thing. Wait, what is that?

- It looks like…a human. Stay right here, I’ll go see.

I close my eyes for a bit. I’m completely exhausted.

“I wish this day would finally end.”

- Desi!

As if on cue, my heart starts beating like crazy. I turn around just as he lands in front of me.

- Commander…

- Desi…

There it is - The comfortable silence between us. Blue irises meet green ones, and the Commander does something unexpected. He wraps his arms around me and holds me tight.

- I’m glad you’re alright.

I think of protesting, but decide against it, and answer his hug instead. How I’ve missed this warmth.

Jean clears his throat.

- If you two are done, can we talk about who I discovered?

I immediately pull myself away from the Commander, only to be met with something shocking.

- Is that… Eren?!?

- Eren!

Once we take Eren back with us, Mikasa immediately comes to see him. We still have no clue what exactly happened.

The only thing we do know is that he apparently came out of the Strange Titan, however absurd that sounds. And we won’t get any more information until he wakes up.

So, for now, we will have to wait. I do have my suspicions, but I admit them only to myself.

Once we arrive Captain Levi shot the Commander a look that could definitely kill.

I leave them alone to discuss the situation, mostly because I don't want to hear them argue, and go around to see who survived. I just have to know, I guess. The feeling is hard to explain.

It’s both reassuring and horribly overwhelming. The only reason I survived is because Jean made it on time. It was so foolish of me to think I was in any way ready for all of this.

Oh, how arrogant I was…

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