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I have been itching to write an AOT fanfic for so long. So when a clear enough idea finally formed in my mind, I decided it was time to make it a reality.

Spoiler Warning: The story will contain spoilers from the anime, even as far as Season 3, if I decide to take it that far ahead.

P.S. I'm usually against the idea of making myself an Original Character in my fanfics, even if I could have easily done so in almost every single one. But this one felt right, since it's more or less dedicated to how I feel about Erwin Smith's character.

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My Hero Chapter 1

The Survey Corps are finally back from their expedition outside the walls. My heart feels like it will explode from excitement.

- Mommy, mommy, look!

I pull my mom by the sleeve.

- Yes, dear, I know.

She looks at me with a smile, and eyes that say “Here we go again”.

My gaze is wandering around, until I finally found him. Erwin Smith - The man, who had become my hero ever since I first laid eyes on him. A big smile forms on my lips.

I can't hold my excitement back anymore, so I run towards the Survey Corps. My mom tries to stop me, but fails, and is forced to run after me.

I stop upon reaching his horse, and say (or more like shout) the first silly thought that is swimming around my mind.

- You are very beautiful!

Erwin Smith stops his horse, and turns to look at me. He is dumbfounded at first, not sure how to react. But then he smiles warmly, and responds.

- Not as beautiful as you, Young Lady.

At that point a blush has already spread across my whole face, and I completely lose the ability to speak. My mom catches up to me, and immediately starts to apologize for my behavior.

- Please, forgive my daughter for bothering you like this.

- There is no need to apologize. I’m not bothered at all.

Erwin turns to look at me once more.

- What is your name?

- It’s Desi . – I somehow remember in my half-dazed state.

- That is a very nice name. I am sure that you will grow up to be a very beautiful lady.

And that is when I decide this is the perfect moment to let my painfully honest side out once more.

- I want to be in the Survey Corps when I grow up!

Quite a few people from the crowd around us look at me and scoff. But Erwin Smith isn’t one of them. The smile doesn't leave his face when he tells me the words I later swear to never forget.

- In that case, I will be waiting for you.

- Oi, Erwin, time to go!

A raven haired man speaks up. He is the well-known Levi, Humanity’s strongest. I admire him, but he sometimes gives me the creeps. My eyes follow Erwin, as he moves away.

This can easily be described as the happiest moment of my short life. It is, of course, rudely interrupted by a few townsfolk, who as usually decide to badmouth the members of the Survey Corps.

- Are they crazy?? They keep going outside of the walls where the Titans are. And for what? To die like complete idiots.

- I swear, it’s like the taxes we pay go for Titan food.

A rage storm is brewing inside of me. How dare they speak such nonsense? Can they be more ignorant?

- Shut up, you jerks! Show some respect!

I shout at them, which earns me a lot of angry looks, and my mom is quick to take me away before something worse happens.

- I swear, someday you will get yourself in a lot of trouble!

Once we are back home my mom makes sure to scold me, like every other time I play a fearless hero. But that is okay.

I am used to it, and besides I know something many people aren't even aware of. I might be just a little kid, but unlike many I am able to see the bigger picture.

I understand the importance of the Survey Corps and their mission, and my true desire is to be like them one day; to be like him, or at the very least serve under his command.

Yes, these are the thoughts of a 10 year old.

Shiganshina District, Year 845

I will remember this day for as long as I live, as will the rest of humanity. It is the beginning of the end; the giant red hand up on the wall, which leads to the deaths of many.

On this day mankind remembered the fear of oppression under them, and the humiliation of being caged like birds.

My whole body is shaking, but I will myself to keep running as fast as I can. Just a little more and we will be safe. We have almost reached the ship that would take us to the inner walls.

I am running right next to my mom, but the crowd is too big and I feel people pushing me from all sides.

In one dreadful moment I am separated from my family as a man literally shoves my body away and I fall down, my head hitting the ground hard.

I can barely make out my mother’s voice, while she tries to find me in the sea of people, as the last of my consciousness slips away and everything goes dark.

I am awaken by a loud crash. Aside from that, my surroundings seem way too quiet. My head is throbbing from the pain, my view is blurry and I struggle to focus my eyes.

When I finally succeed to do so, a silent scream hitches in my throat. I am faced with a Titan.

I can’t help but notice its unusual armor like skin, but what really strikes me is the fact I am not approached, or attacked in any way.

Before I can make more sense of my situation, someone approaches me from behind, wraps an arm around my small body and we take off in the air.

As confused as my state of mind currently is, I can’t help but feel a strange sense of excitement. My body feels weightless.

I turn my head around to look at my savior, and a warm wave envelops my whole being. Blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. They somehow feel familiar, but I can’t quite grasp why.

So I simply close my eyes, and enjoy the blissful feelings of security and warmth, emitted from this person.

When we finally touch the ground, he puts me down. My legs are still quite shaky, both from the terrifying experience and the time I spent in his arms.

- Are you alright? You don’t seem to be hurt anywhere.

He studies my body, and I can’t help but avert my eyes.

- Yes, I’m fine – I mumble – but I think I hit my head.

- I see. We need to find your family. Tell me your name.

- My…name?

I struggle to remember, but a strong headache threatens to split my head open.

- I’m sorry…I have no idea…

- Hmm, in that case I will take you to where the rest of the refugees are. You might find your parents there. Follow me.

- Excuse me, ummm, where are we now?

I can’t help but ask. The man stops.

- We are inside Wall Rose. Wall Maria was overtaken by titans, and all survivors were escorted here.

- I...see…

He starts walking once more, and I follow close behind him. It isn’t long before we make it to our destination.

- We’re here. – he informs me, and calls out to a younger man.

- This girl was alone when I found her. She says she hit her head bad, and doesn’t seem to remember who she is. Help her find her family, if possible.

- Yes, Sir.

As the man is about to leave, I quickly grab him by his sleeve.

- Umm…thank you…for saving me… - is all I can manage with a trembling voice.

He turns around, smiles at me and in no time is on his way. That is the last I see of my mysterious savior, at least for a while.

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