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- Desi... The Commander breaks the kiss, and looks deep into my eyes; his own filled with pure lust.

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My Hero Chapter 12

- Desi...

The Commander breaks the kiss, and looks deep into my eyes; his own filled with pure lust.

- From this point on I won’t be able to control myself. I will own your body completely, up to the very last little spot.

- Are you asking me if I want to stop before we go any further?

Commander Smith’s lips form in a mischievous grin, which is beyond sexy.

- More like a warning. There is no way I’m letting you go.

His deep voice sends shivers down my spine. My desire for him grows even more. I hadn’t realized I want him to this extent.

This person, who I thought was beyond my reach, and who I idolized for so long. It is almost unbelievable, like a beautiful dream I might wake up from at any given time.

But he isn’t a vision in a dream, he is a person of flesh and blood, and he is holding me in his strong arms.

“Damn, I’m so screwed”, I think to myself and instead of answering, I push him down on the sofa. His surprise is obvious, and it shows all over his face.

- I’m simply returning the favor from last time, Commander.

A sound of dissatisfaction leaves his lips. It sounds a lot like an annoyed “Tsk”.

- I told you to call me Erwin. You’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you?

- Whatever makes you feel better, Commander Erwin Smith.

And I lean down to reunite our lips. I alternate between sucking on his tongue, gently biting his lips, and running my tongue along them.

At one point the Commander gets impatient, grips a fistful of my hair and pulls on it with just the right amount of force as not to hurt me, thus putting a stop to my actions.

- I’m sorry, my dear, but I can’t really wait anymore.

He pulls on my hair once more, bending my head back, and kisses along my now exposed neck. His other hand is busy with my clothes, quickly removing my shirt and stroking the bare skin.

He makes a trail of kisses from my neck down to my breasts. I let out a surprised moan when he captures one of my nipples with his lips and sucks on it until it hardens.

He traces the other one with a finger, slowly rubbing against it in circles and pinching it gently until he achieves the same result. I feel like my whole body might go numb with pleasure.

As my own patience starts to reach its limits, I reach for his shirt, in an attempt to remove it, but my hands are trembling. He only smiles, and assists me.

Once his shirt is completely off, I throw it down to the floor where my own lies and my eyes explore his beautiful muscular body.

I can see all of the scars he has received throughout the years, but that makes him even more beautiful in my eyes. I trace one just below his chest with a finger, and he flinches.

- Ah, I’m sorry.

- No, it’s alright, Desi, they are just a bit sensitive to the touch.

- You are so beautiful.

I whisper my honest thoughts in a loving voice, and it’s like a switch turns on in Erwin’s mind. His expression changes and he studies my face in a curious way.

- Is everything alright?

I get a bit worried.

- Yes…yes, everything is fine. I just remembered something. It’s not important right now.

- Alright.

My attention goes back to his body. I explore his chest and stomach with my lips, enjoying every second. As I make my way down, I gulp hard when I notice how turned on he is.

When I move my hand to his pants, he suddenly grabs it and stops me.

- If you go any further, I won’t be able to last longer later. And I’m sure you don’t want that either.

I wasn’t feeling embarrassed by anything we did so far, but his simple remark causes my whole face to turn bright red. As a result, the Commander teases me.

- Why are you blushing, my dear? What kind of thoughts are going through that beautiful head of yours?

- The same ones that are going through your own mind, I’m sure.

I tease back. The Commander smirks.

- You’re absolutely right.

And he pushes me down on the sofa once more.

- You’re wearing way too many clothes.

He impatiently reaches to my pants, and slides them down my legs.

Then he positions himself between my legs, and I am suddenly a witness to what I can only describe as the sexiest thing I have ever seen in my life.

The Commander slides my panties down using only his teeth. I must have a very amusing expression on my face, because he chuckles lightly. He studies my now completely naked body.

I feel very exposed.

- The marks from the belts are already showing on your skin.

- Does it look bad?

- Not at all. You have nothing to worry about, you look amazing.

I am taken by surprise when the Commander runs his tongue along my most sensitive spot, and then slides it inside of me. An involuntary moan leaves my lips.

His tongue is followed by a finger. I’ve closed my eyes, I’m breathing hard and the only sounds in the room are my moans. I am pretty wet at this point.

The Commander pulls his finger out, and to my utter embarrassment he licks it.

- W-what are you doing??

- Tasting you, of course. You taste sweet.

“Erwin, you big pervert!”

- And now, my dear…

The Commander gets rid of his pants and underwear in quick movements, and positions himself on top of me. He whispers in my ear.

- “It will hurt a bit at first. I will try to be gentle, but I can’t promise anything. Just relax, alright?”

I quickly nod, and close my eyes when he starts to slowly push inside of me. I bite my lips when I feel a sudden sharp pain.

- Don’t bite those beautiful lips.

The Commander wills my mouth open with his tongue, sliding it inside and kissing me passionately. He stops his movements once he’s completely inside of me. I can feel the throbbing of his member.

- Damn, Desi, you’re so tight and hot inside.

- Erwin…please…

- Hmm? What is it that you want, my dear?

- I want you to move…

I can’t believe my own boldness.

- If that’s what you want.

The Commander starts a series of slower movements, since he probably doesn’t want to hurt me, but it doesn’t feel enough. On the contrary, the slight pleasure leaves me unsatisfied.

I can’t help but want more. I wrap my legs around his body, and beg with a trembling voice, my timidity long forgotten somewhere in my mind.

- Faster, Erwin…Please, do it faster…

- Such a naughty girl.

His words are followed by a hard thrust. I let out a low scream. And in no time I am so lost in pleasure, I don’t even realize how much I’m moaning.

His movements are quick, but precise, and he manages to hit a spot inside of me, which makes me melt. He suddenly pulls out of me, and I watch him in confusion.

- Get on all fours, Desi.

He is using his Commander voice, and if it’s possible, that turns me on even more.

- Y-yes.

Once I do so, he resumes his movements, but this time it’s different. It’s much more intense.

- W-wait, Erwin, it’s too much.

My legs are trembling. If the Commander wasn’t holding my body in its position, I might not have been able to handle it myself.

- I know, my dear, it feels just as good for me.

He moves my hair away, and kisses the back of my neck. The sudden sensation of his teeth on my skin makes my body shudder.

He licks the spot he just bit, and whispers in my ear with a voice, husky from pleasure.

- I’m at my limit, Desi.

His movements get even more demanding, and I feel like I won’t be able to take anymore.

- Erwin…Erwin…Erwin…

I repeat his name in between moans. His breathing and low moans intertwine with mine.

- My beautiful girl…

The Commander thrusts inside of me one last time, pulls out and I can feel the warm drops that land on my back. I can no longer hold my body up, and my legs slide down on the sofa.

I feel completely exhausted, but I am unbelievably happy. I turn around to look at the Commander. He leans down and gives me a gentle kiss.

- I apologize if I was too rough.

- No, no, everything was wonderful.

He kisses my forehead, and embraces my body.

- I wish I could sleep with you tonight, but I’m afraid I will need to return you to the rest of the girls.

- No…please don’t. I want to stay with you tonight…if that’s not a problem, of course.

I quickly realize I might be asking for too much, and getting ahead of myself. I’m afraid of his answer. His warm smile sends my anxiousness away.

- Have I told you how cute you are?

- Yes, yes, you have.

- I need to repeat it more often.

We share another kiss before collecting all of our scattered clothes, and getting dressed. The Commander takes my hand in his and leads me out of the office.

We do our best to be as quiet as possible while walking down the corridor, although after what we did, it might already be too late for being cautious.

Once we finally make it to his bedroom, he picks me up in his arms and carries me to the bed.

- Commander, I can walk on my own.

- Again with Commander. Desi, do I need to repeat my actions from earlier, and make you call out my name over and over again?

- N-no! That’s not necessary!

- Good girl. You can use one of my shirts. You probably don’t want to sleep in these tight clothes.

- Ah, yes, thank you, that would be nice.

I turn around, and undress myself.

- You don’t need to be shy now, after all we did.

- D-don’t tease me!

The Commander only chuckles at my reaction. Once I put his shirt on, I realize how big it is. But, ah, it feels so nice and smells like him.

The Commander doesn’t move his gaze away from me during the whole thing. I join him in bed, and slide under the covers.

He pulls me close to him, and we fall asleep like this, snuggled in each other’s arms.

“I must have gone crazy, completely crazy.” was the last thought on Erwin’s mind before he drifted to sleep with a smile on his face.

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