My Hero Chapter 14
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Erwin was on his way to see Hanji when she suddenly appeared in front of him. - There you are, Erwin!!

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My Hero Chapter 14

Erwin was on his way to see Hanji when she suddenly appeared in front of him.

- There you are, Erwin!!

- Hello, Hanji. Levi told me you were looking for me.

- I went by your office, but didn’t find you there.

- Ah, yes, that’s because I slept in my bedroom last night.

- Oh? That’s unusual. You usually end up sleeping in your office.

- Yes, you’re right.

Erwin quickly changed the subject.

- Anyway, did something happen?

- Yes, Eren finally woke up.

- Jean, are you nervous?

We were called by Squad Leader Hanji to be present when Eren wakes up, since we were the ones who discovered him.

- What do you think, Shortie? We will finally find out what happened. I can’t help but be nervous.

- You’re right. I do hope he can give us any useful information.

- Why do you think otherwise?

- You found him yourself, Jean. You know the condition he was in. He came out of a titan, he was unconscious. I doubt he knows much.

- I hope you’re wrong, Shortie, ‘cause he is our only clue at this point.

We make it down to the basement, where Eren is kept in a cell. It’s necessary, until we understand his situation.

Otherwise the higher-ups would have taken him away, and who knows what might have happened to him. When we arrive, I notice Mikasa by his side, just as I suspected.

The Captain and Commander are waiting for us in front of the cell. Commander Smith glances my way, but I avoid his gaze.

“Forgive me for this.”

- You two are finally here. Let’s wrap this up.

Captain Levi proceeds to unlock the cell, and we all make it inside. Feels a bit crowded with this many people.

- How are you feeling, Eren?

I can’t help, but ask him. He looks terribly confused. Who wouldn’t be in his situation?

- I don’t really know. And I don’t understand what I’m doing here, and why I’m chained like this?

- Eren…

Mikasa looks even worse. I turn to the Captain.

- Captain Levi, I think we should send Mikasa away. She is in no condition to…

- I am not going anywhere!

- Yes, you are. She’s right, you should leave. We can handle the rest. Eren is going to be fine.

The Captain agrees with me. Mikasa looks beyond angry. She shoots me a murderous glance, and stomps out. Once she’s gone, I let out the breath I’ve been holding in.

- Scary…

- Tell me about it…

- You two, focus.

- Yes, Sir.

I take a quick glance Erwin’s way. He is too quiet.

- Will anyone finally tell me what is going on…?

We all turn our attention back to Eren.

- Of course, Eren.

I nudge Jean’s shoulder.

- Me??

- Who else? You discovered him.

It’s three against one, and Jean has no choice.

- Well, Eren, you see, at first you were eaten by a titan. But then that titan died, and another titan came out of him.

And that titan started fighting against other titans, but for some reason after killing a lot of them it fell on the ground, and died.

And when it did, well, we found you inside that titan’s body, and that’s about it.

The look in Eren’s eyes is beyond confused. He probably thinks we’ve all gone nuts.

- Are you crazy, Horse-face??

- Stop calling me that! And no, I’m not crazy. You are the one who came out of a friggin’ titan!

- You’ve gotta be kidding me…Do you really expect me to believe this crap??

- Oi, Eren!

- Captain, please, allow me.

I move closer to Eren, and sit down next to him.

- Look, Eren, I know all of this sounds like a bad nightmare and you are probably confused out of your mind. I apologize, but you need to tolerate it for a bit.

Please, tell us what you remember, whatever it is. We need to figure out the situation, in order to help you.

I smile at him, and he seems to calm down a bit.

- The only thing I remember is the titan, who tried to eat Armin. I remember throwing Armin out of the titan’s mouth and getting eaten instead. I know I lost my arm and leg…

Eren studies his body. He’s not missing any limbs, like he should be.

- This is how Jean found you. After you came out of the Strange Titan, you were alive and it’s like you never got eaten in the first place.

- I don’t understand…

- Eren… - I take a deep breath - I know my question may sound crazy, but is it possible you can turn into a titan?

Everyone in the room is shocked by my words. The Commander finally speaks up.

- Desi, that’s impossible.

- Not really. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. The Strange Titan showed up right after Eren was eaten. It attacked all titans, and never touched a single human.

When it died, Eren came out of it. Jean told me he literally had to cut Eren away from the titan’s neck, it’s like he was stuck there. Not to mention he’s not missing any of his limbs.

It’s like they grew back, and we know titans are capable of regenerating. I know it all sounds very hard to believe, but what if it’s possible?

- Oi, oi, those are some crazy theories you are throwing around.

- I know, Captain, but what other explanation could there be?

Captain Levi thinks for a second.

- Tch, I wish I had a better one, but I don’t. And what you’re saying does make a lot of sense, even if it’s extremely hard to believe.

Eren lets out what I can only describe as maniacal laughter.

- This is just a joke, right? That’s…it’s impossible, it has to be a joke…TELL ME IT’S A JOKE!

- Eren…

- Well, now I’m glad we sent Mikasa away… - Jean mumbles under his breath.

- Desi, move.

The Captain’s words don’t allow for any disobedience. I quickly move away. At the next moment he punches Eren hard, and I flinch and close my eyes.

- Now, listen to me, you little brat. You will stop losing your shit, and try to listen for once. Those are simple theories.

Even if they turn out to be true, you’re going to stop acting like a child. You should be thankful we didn’t hand you over to the Military Police.

Do you know what they wanted to do to you?? They wanted to chop you in pieces, and inspect your body like you are some lab rat. How about you show some gratitude?

- That’s more than enough, Levi.

The Commander speaks up, and turns to Eren.

- I understand it must be hard for you, but we don’t have many options. We are counting on you to help us figure out this situation. Can you try and do that, Eren?

- Yes, Commander…I’ll try.

- That was a complete waste of time.

I am walking back together with Jean.

- Well, it’s not like Eren can do anything more, if he doesn’t remember a thing.

- Or he’s lying to protect himself.

- I doubt it.

- You are too naïve, Desi.

- Maybe, but I don’t see a reason for Eren to lie. Ugh, this is one huge mess.

- Tell me about it.

- Desi!

I hear a painfully familiar voice call out to me.

- I’ll see you later, Desi.

- Wait, Jean…

But he already went ahead.

“Damn traitor.”

The Commander reaches me, but I don’t dare move from my spot, or turn around in general.

- Desi, are you avoiding me?

There it is.

- No…not really.

I lie.

- What is going on, Desi?

I prepare myself for what is probably going to be the hardest conversation in my life.

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