My heart can't let you go Chapter 5
My heart can't let you go 

Chapter 5 main character stories

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Basically, this story is based on the way I felt after completing Jumin's route for the first time and achieving the happy ending. I love my Mystic Messenger boys! <3 The story is told from the point of view of the MC.


The fanfic contains spoilers from 707/Luciel/Saeyoung's route. I tried to keep them at a minimum, but I needed them in order to make my story. I altered some parts, in order to fit them to my storyline.

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My heart can't let you go Chapter 5

“- You broke the rules, MC. What will you do now? Will you run away scared, or face me properly? I can’t wait to meet you.

The tall slender man extended his arm towards MC in an obvious invitation.

- Come on, don’t be afraid.

He kept walking closer to her.

- This is your fate, and you can’t escape it.”

Right before the man grabbed her arm, MC woke up from the dream. Her body was covered in sweat, and her heart was beating like crazy.

She closed her eyes for a bit in an attempt to shake off the ominous feeling the dream left in her, before turning her head to Saeyoung.

Thankfully, he was sleeping soundly, and hadn’t noticed her abrupt awakening. MC reached for her phone, and checked the time.

It was still too early to wake up, but she felt very thirsty and headed towards the kitchen. While helping herself to a glass of water, she felt like someone was watching her.

MC turned around and almost dropped the glass. In front of her stood someone she wasn’t prepared to meet so soon.

- Sae…ran? – That was the only word she managed to mumble in her shocked state of mind.

- Oh, seems like you recognized me. I’m honored, princess.

His comment was followed by a sneering laugh, which made her body shiver all over.

She wasn’t sure why his presence made her feel so uncomfortable, but there was something very disturbing in his eyes and the way he looked at her.

Thoughts of Saeyoung’s mission to find and rescue his brother flooded MC’s mind. This was her chance to actually be of help, but that was easier said than done.

Saeran projected a very hostile aura, and MC found herself unable to find the right words she could possibly say in this situation, so she just uttered the first thing that came to her mind.

- But…How is this possible…I mean…you’re not supposed to be here… - “Seriously? Is that the best you could do, you huge idiot!” – MC scolded herself.

- And where am I supposed to be? Hidden somewhere? Shaking in fear? Waiting for my “courageous” brother to come “rescue” me?

Don’t make me laugh! – Contradictory to his words, the amusement in Saeran’s voice was long gone. He was slowly approaching MC, and shortening the distance between them.

She couldn’t will herself to move. This was Saeyoung’s twin brother; she could see the resemblance, even if it was a bit hard to do with the different colored eyes and hair.

This, of course, wasn’t MC’s first meeting with Saeran, but this time it was different. When she was with the rest of the RFA she only knew “Unknown”, the dangerous man with a masked face.

Something in his current behavior reminded her of what Saeyoung did when he felt hurt and betrayed, but Saeran’s expression was much more primal and even twisted.

MC wasn’t left with any more time to dwell on the similarities and differences between the two brothers, because Saeran was already inches away from her,

and when the realization finally hit her, she attempted to move away, but to no avail. Saeran grabbed both her arms, and pinned her against the kitchen counter.

She dropped the glass she was holding, and it shattered to pieces upon reaching the ground.

- Where are you going, Princess? – Saeran breathed against her ear, which caused an involuntary shiver to run through her body.

She ignored it, and instead a different thought went through her mind. Suddenly forgetting her fear, she turned to Saeran with obvious worry in her features.

- Saeran…the glass pieces…you might get hurt. – MC’s voice was trembling.

- What? – Saeran’s momentarily confusion was soon replaced by a loud laugh – Do you even understand your situation?

! I am here to take you away, and yet you worry about me rather than worrying about yourself. You really are a peculiar girl, but maybe that’s why he likes you so much.

- He?

- Yes, the man who sent me here. The one who will make all my wishes come true. His only desire is to get you back. You know, none of this would have happened if you only followed the rules.

But it seems like you’ve been a bad girl, MC.

Saeran ran his tongue against MC’s earlobe, and snickered. Her body was met with a strong shock, but that wasn’t the only reason.

“Rules? What rules? And who is this man he’s talking about?” – And then it finally hit her. She recalled the dream she had earlier – “That’s…not possible…”

Her thoughts were interrupted by Saeran, who pulled on her arm, and dragged her through the apartment.

- Enough chit-chat. It’s time to go, and don’t even think of trying anything funny. – The warning in his voice was enough to make anyone obey him, but MC wasn’t going to give up that easily.

She attempted to yell out Saeyoung’s name, but Saeran saw through her plan and quickly covered her mouth with his hand, thus muffling her voice.

- What did I just say?? Tsk, you’re going to be a troublesome one. You’re lucky I am not allowed to hurt you; otherwise you would be very sorry for not listening to me.

- Let go of her!! – Saeyoung’s voice rang through the room.

- Ah, took you a while. – Saeran turned around to face his twin - You almost made me worry you won’t show your face.

Thank you, my dear brother, that saves me the trouble of coming back here again. I can finally get rid of you for good.

Saeran took out a gun and pointed it at Saeyoung. MC panicked and tried to escape from his strong grasp, but he didn’t allow her to do so.

Saeran once again turned his attention to Saeyoung, and a small laugh escaped his throat.

- What could be better than killing you in front of the woman you love? If I weren’t so messed up, I might have even cried for the two of you.

Hahaha! – Saeran’s laugh made MC feel sick, but Saeyoung didn’t even flinch. Instead he moved a few steps closer, and spoke to his brother in a calm manner.

- I don’t care if you kill me, I deserve it. But I can’t let you take MC away. She hasn’t done anything wrong.

- Do you really think I will listen to you? Did you finally decide to play hero, after abandoning your own brother??? You are a coward, and you will die like one! Goodbye, dear brother!

- NO!!! - MC tried to squirm away from Saeran, but her heart almost stopped upon hearing the sound of the gunshot.

Like it was all a bad dream, she saw Saeyoung’s body fall to the ground in a painfully slow motion, the blood pooling around him.

Even when the door was broken down and a team of bodyguards emerged from outside, followed by Jumin, MC still stood frozen in her spot, unable to react any further.

She didn’t even hear Jumin’s voice, who was asking her if she was alright. Her heart was broken in a million pieces. The pain from what she saw made her sick to her stomach, and she threw up.

The sudden sensation brought her back to reality, and the tears flowed down her eyes. And just like that, it was all over…

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