My Grandmother's Necklace (Part 9)
 My Grandmother's Necklace (Part 9) stories

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Athena Quinn's life got impacted hard when her grandmother dies and her life changes. What really helps her out is: three words (live, love and laugh), friendship and loyalty, and the importance of family.

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My Grandmother's Necklace (Part 9)


When I came back to school, I cried a bit. It all just hit me suddenly, and nobody bothered me. Not even Miranda, although I was sure she was looking.

I ate my lunch alone, and Miranda came to find me, and she did. I couldn’t talk right now, and she knew that. She just hugged me while I cried, my lunch forgotten.

“She - my grandmother, I mean - wanted me to have this.” I sobbed, showing Miranda the necklace. She looked at it, and I sobbed harder. “I wish she would’ve never gave it to me.

That she was still alive.”

I could tell that Miranda finally understood what I never told her. “Wait - your grandmother - is dead?” She breathed.

I nodded. “Yes.” I whispered. Miranda was close to her too, as she would always come over.

So she cried, and I cried, and we just held each other closely, knowing that we found support in each other.

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