Romeo The Wild Wolf
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This is a true story. Makes me have faith in this world. Some things are truly beautiful

Romeo The Wild Wolf

In 2003, Alaskan wildlife photographer Nick Jans was on the back porch of his Juneau home with his dog when a wild wolf appeared. His dog raced to meet the stranger.

Nick was stunned to see the dogs start playing with each other.

The wolf stayed around the area and Nick dedicated years to photographing the wolf. He named the wolf Romeo.

Romeo became a Juneau fixture, known for playing with local dogs.

Though residents were hesitant at first, they soon realized the Romeo just wanted to play.

Romeo didn't just want to play with dogs. He liked playing with humans too. He even stashed toys that he'd bring for humans to throw.

The amazing thing was Romeo's understanding. It was the combination of his, ours, and our dogs understanding and tolerance to allow us to get along harmoniously.

Romeo remained around the outskirts of Juneau for 6 years, becoming an ambassador to the wild and a powerful symbol in the community

After Romeo's passing in 2010, residents of Juneau held a memorial and made this plaque in his honor.

It's so inspiring to see 3 different species get along so well. It goes to show how wonderful this world can be. Check out Nick's account of this entire tale in: "A Wolf Named Romeo"

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