The boy
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There was a boy once. We fell in love. But he was sick and sad. This is for the boy.

The boy

by delaneypalumbo

To the boy

The sad boy The lonely boy The happy boy The funny boy The boy

You are more than the adjectives used to describe you

More than a deadline

More than just a boy

You bring smiles to those around you and exasperate the feelings of happiness in those whom you speak to

You give comfort to those you hold

You give trust where it is lacking

You may have a life that is to be fulfilled to the best of your ability

But don't forget to stop and breathe in the tranquility of the world around you

Because it to has a deadline

So to the boy

I have come to the conclusion the most important things in life are those that won't last a lifetime

But will be remembered for an eternity

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