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delaneypalumbo Everyone I loves leaves & I write it
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by delaneypalumbo

At first you were fun You were like the first few tequila shots But then things changed It wasn't the same You pushed me away and pulled me back I cried so many times

I cried because I wanted what I couldnt have Things got closer Not just fun anymore but serious Still not a thing because then everyone would know and I would look bad and so would you

But it felt real You felt real

Slowly but surely I was falling in love In love with your smile In love with your laugh In love with the way your skin felt beneath the tips of my tiny fingers

In love with the birthmark on your stomach and the scar on your hip In love with the way your genuine smile comes out when you laugh at my jokes

In love with the way your lips felt when you kissed me like I was the only person you wanted to kiss In love with the way you looked at me

In love with the way you grabbed me closer while laying in bed I fell in love with all of you

And then you pulled away again But this time it was detrimental You were leaving And so was I but you were really leaving And you still felt real when you told me I put it off It was a month away

I could still see you Still be around you Still kiss you But now its less than 10 hours until I drive you to the airport and watch you get on an airplane with my heart and fly away with it

Less than 10 hours until you leave this place but Im doing it too escaping You are escaping Not because you don't want me or because you don't care

You're doing it because this place is just as much of a prison to you as it is to me We are escaping the prison and unintentionally running away from each other at the same time

Except you are running away with my heart And our long conversations of telling me I can do so much better resonate in my head and All I can think about is how right you are

but then I remember...I don't want to do better

If better isnt you

You don't feel real now You feel like a dream An emotional drawn out Messed up Lovely dream Not real

and the fact that I will fill my journey home from the airport with tears of losing you doesn't feel real Because mom always said no boy is worth your tears

But you feel worth every tear I have

just so I can feel that you were real Because you Because me Because this Doesn't feel real

At first you were fun But now you're leaving with my heart And it doesn't feel real

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