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Elegance and grace were once her lofty aims Wrangling plump curves into obeyance, striving

That girl is me

Elegance and grace were once her lofty aims

Wrangling plump curves into obeyance, striving

For the kind of toned lithe limbed serenity

Of a Grace Kelly, or Jackie O.

But reality came in a pair of unchancy heels

Apt to catch in a hem

Cause an impolite stumble bumble

A collision most unglamorous

Bum in the air

Control panties seen...


That girl is me

Stocking runs hidden beneath gypsy skirts

Scorned bra on her bed, flung petulantly

Merrily jiggling in her impropriety

Ladylike ancestors turning in graves

Straining in ghostly corsets, tut tutting

As their dishwater dull

Rules of etiquette and deportment are

Silenced by her operatic cleavage

Sag and bounce,

Erect nipples...


That girl is me

She once flirted with dreams of a chic chignon,

Ballet class inspired domes of decorum, but

Perm begat mousse begat spray, begat

Backcombed powdery little tease

Triumph of glorious metal band video mane

Until sudden rain:

Head of rats tails and frothy foam

Fleeing red faced, in plain sight

Seen by her Crush

Scarred forever...


That girl is me

Women’s mysteries are her gothic inheritance

Ritual humiliation of the sanitary price check

Early cramp caught us, interrupted us

Omen of vexatious irregularity

But vanity’s folly is clothes in crisp white

False sense of security

Curse of cyclic inaccuracy

Urgent borrowed coat rescue

Spot on dress

They all know...


That girl is me

Flatulently shabby chic in domestic predilections

She absorbs French country magazines by osmosis

Subversive with doilies, shambolically floral

Obsessively chandelier in her impracticality

But reality is Miss Havisham housekeeping

A bad case of catarrh

Invasion of feral dust bunnies

Tantrum at snagged lace duvet

Damn the clutter

Toss the lot...


That girl is me

She is a work of art yawning on the midday train

Snubbing her reflection in the mirror window

Discreet chocolate sins, martyr to calories

Shuns despotic bathroom scales

Experimentally flirty, she can turn it on

Apt to catch your eye

Perfumed smile and flick of hair

Urban myth dream girl, but then

Train goes bump

Flat on face

Hell yes

That girl is me

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