Torres scored his 100th goal for Atletico

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On Torres's 100 Goal for Atletico Madrid. Let's look at his astonishing story.

Torres scored his 100th goal for Atletico

Let's look at his astonishing story

He became the youngest Atletico Captain

Fernando Torres was the Youngest Captain in Atletico Madrid's History

Scored in Finals of Euro, 2008

He scored perhaps the most important Goal in the History for Spain. With Goal against Germany in the Finals of Euro-2008, he broke the longtime haunting Jinx. Thus, started the legacy.

Top-3 in Ballon d'OR, 2008

Following in amazing performances for Country and Club, He got nominated for the most prestigious award in football.

Won World Cup with Spain in 2010

Coming from a long-term Injury, Torres was selected for the World Cup winning Spain Team.

Won Champions League with Chelsea

Was instrumental in scoring match winning goal against Barcelona in the Semis of UEFA Champions League - 2012

Golden Boot in UEFA Euro 2012

Scoring 3 crucial Goals and an assist, Torres became Golden Boot owner for EURO- 2012

Scored UEFA Europa Finals

He has penchant of scoring big goals. He again scored goal in the Final of UEFA Europa League

Golden Boot Winner at UEFA Confederations Cup - 2013

Next-up UEFA Euro 2016 in France

Let's make more History - Fernando Torres

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WOW Amazing @deepermeaningofyourlifegmailcom! I am from Peru but I live in Los Angeles! I am huge fan of soccer. WOW how did you get so involved of Atletico? You should make a post about it, I'd love to hear more. That's amazing :)!

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Hey @slisam, I am a huge fan of Torres and Atletico :) Have been rated as their no. 1 fan. You might like this video - . Are you from Spain?

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I love torres @deepermeaningofyourlifegmailcom! Is atletico your favorite team? Are you from Spain?